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  1. brotherofJared

    Mormons are not commanded to Marry unless they seek exaltation

    I thought I'd add to the litany of serial posts about this marriage issue. I don't know of it'll help, but anything is worth a try, right? The commandment to get married is conditional just like Baptism is conditional. Let's see if we can follow this logic Baptism: No one can enter the kingdom...
  2. brotherofJared

    Does a saved person break the word of wisdom?

    I thought this was an interesting question. My reply went something like this: Vaping has nothing to do with the word of wisdom. The GAs could vape for all I care, it's not going to affect their salvation one way or the other. It might affect everyone else's, but not theirs. I don't believe...
  3. brotherofJared

    Why does polygamy have to exist if eternal marriage also exists?

    I would have to ask, How can men be sealed to more than one wife without polygamy? Since marriage has to occur here in order for it to be valid in Heaven, what is the correct way to practice polygamy? I'm not sure what you meant by "not practiced as taught in the scriptures". How was it "taught"...