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    Any pro-life people here able to defend their position?

    I am pro-choice because: 1. Outlawing abortion does not decrease the number of abortions. 2. It is a very personal medical decision that (unless I am directly involved) is none of my business. 3. Pro-life people have plenty of abortions and are hypocritical. They always find an exception for...
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    COVID-19 causes stillbirths in unvaccinated women

    How’s that “natural immunity” working out for you? “Our study identified placental insufficiency as the root cause for stillbirths in women with COVID-19 during pregnancy,” said Dr. David Schwartz, an Atlanta-based pathologist who led the study. “Among the 68 cases, an average of 77% of the...
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    Unvaccinated Adults 97 Times More Likely to Die from COVID-19 Than Boosted Adults

    This isn't as fun to watch as the Arizona clown circus of an election audit, Intentionally divisive per mod.
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    Surprisingly strong jobs report: America adds 467,000 positions in January

    After Trump destroyed the economy, the worst presidential performance since Hoover, Biden has brought back the Obama economic miracle. Biden’s first year had the best economy in 40 years. “The report blew expectations out of the water. "The January employment report topped expectations in...
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    LGBTQ book ban proponent faces felony child molestation charge in Missouri

    You can pretty much bank on the fact that if someone is obsessing over other people’s sexuality, they have some sick stuff going on. “A Missouri man who sought to ban several LGBTQ books from schools for depicting sexual content is now facing a felony charge of second-degree child molestation...
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    Unvaccinated New Yorkers 26 Times More Likely to Die of COVID at Omicron Peak

    COVID deniers are the most outrageous example of right-wing lunacy ignoring the obvious, in the face of overwhelming evidence, I've seen in some time. "During the week of January 8, the peak of the Omicron wave, there were 24 times more hospitalizations among unvaccinated individuals and 26...
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    Arkansas inmates sue over Covid treatment with horse dewormer

    Is this what the right wants? To force feed snake oil to people without telling them? What happened to my body my choice (except pregnant women)? CDC: "Ivermectin is not authorized or approved by FDA for prevention or treatment of COVID-19. The National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) COVID-19...
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    COVID-19 hospitalization, death rates ~60x higher for unvaccinated vs. boosted

    Watching COVID deniers proven wrong in real time is like a seeing the Climate Denier conspiracy drama squeezed from 40 years down to 1.
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    Cyber Ninjas, company that led Arizona GOP election 'audit,' is shutting down

    You would think there would always be a need for a clown circus. Guess not. Remember how the usual suspects kept claiming this was going to be the big kraken release? Gave them talking points for months as we all waited for them to get egg on their face. Anyone paying attention could clearly...
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    How Many Deaths and Hospitalizations Were Averted by the Vaccine?

    Wow. So how many lives were saved by the COVID vaccines and how many hospitalizations avoided? "Approximately 1.1 million additional COVID-19 deaths and more than 10.3 million additional COVID-19 hospitalizations in the U.S. by November 2021." Almost everyone dying now is unvaccinated. So it...
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    97% Of COVID Deaths, 95% Of Hospitalizations And 94% Of Cases Are Among Unvaccinated Pennsylvanians

    Are we to believe this is all part of the conspiracy?
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    5 years for Jan. 6 insurrectionist

    edit per mod "Palmer was one of several rioters sentenced on Friday in District of Columbia court for their actions that day, when the angry mob descended to disrupt the certification of Joe Biden’s victory following a rally by then-President Donald Trump. Scores of police were beaten and...
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    Are vaccinated people dying at a faster rate than unvaccinated people in the UK?

    Are vaccinated people dying at a faster rate than unvaccinated people in the UK? Of course not. I've seen several of the usual suspects here repeat this bogus statistic. The first time I saw it I thought, "this person can't possible conflating all deaths with COVID deaths." That would be so...
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    Right-wing group finds no voter fraud in Wisconsin

    But that will have no effect on the conspiracy theorists. This group is crazy partisan “Our hand review found that the counts closely matched those reported by the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC). The review found no evidence of fraudulent ballots.”...
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    No, Nancy Pelosi didn’t buy a $25 million mansion in Florida

    It’s so funny watching the usual suspects continually getting burned by the right-wing misinformation machine and going back for more.
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    U.S. unemployment claims fall to 52-year low

    And the stock market keeps breaking record highs. I assume the right-wing misinformation machine is ignoring this.
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    Mask-wearing cuts COVID incidence by 53%

    I wonder how many people have died because of right-wing misinformation. "Mask-wearing is the single most effective public health measure at tackling Covid, reducing incidence by 53%, the first global study of its kind shows."...
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    S&P 500 Is Up 37% Since Biden’s Election

    Both Obama and Biden did better than Trump in their first year. All I hear is crickets from right-wingers.
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    Stella Immanuel warns of Satanic clones

    It’s impossible to exaggerate how crazy right-wingers have become. Here is their crazy, go-to, COVID doctor, as reported by one of their own crazy propaganda blogs: Stella Immanuel went on “The Alex Jones Show to talk about the globalists’ demonic designs. She told host and InfoWars founder...
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    Trump campaign knew lawyers’ voting machine claims were baseless

    Everybody knew except the MAGA cultists who repeated a thousand baseless claims of voter fraud, all of which have been proven bogus.