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    Essential Doctrines

    What are the essential doctrines all Christians must believe and why? Where do those who want to know the essentials find them listed? Where does one find the non-essentials listed?
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    What Is the Most Biblical Theology?

    What is the most biblical theology and why? Lutherans (ELCA or Missouri Synod) Reformed Reformed Baptist Presbyterian Methodist Episcopalian Anglican Baptist Southern Baptist American Baptist Independent Baptist Four Square Pentecostal Oneness Pentecostal Calvary Chapel Independent...
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    John 20:23 Catholic Vs. Some Protestant Interpretations

    I had a recent exchange with some on CARM regarding the proper interpretation of John 20:23. It was clear to me, as a Catholic, that Jesus gave the power to forgive and remit sins to the apostles in this verse. Other non-Catholics claimed it taught a commission to preach the gospel and that the...
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    The Difference Between Biblical and False Teaching

    Another Catholic in another thread posted an excellent question: How do Protestants distinguish false Biblical teaching from true Biblical teaching? I am curious to find out. Now, I think it is prudent to a productive discussion that we stay on topic, so I will only respond to replies that...
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    Why Should Anyone Buy Into Your Individual Theology?

    Okay, let cut to the chase.... Why should I or anyone buy into your individual theology? Now, all responses of "why should we buy yours?" is a valid question, but this question also needs to be answered by the original question.
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    The Church vs. The Individual

    What should be the outcome when there is a conflict or disagreement between “the church” and the “individual" about what Scripture teaches? Should the individual submit to the church's interpretation of Scripture or should the church submit to the individual interpretation of Scripture? Or...
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    The Complexities of Biblical Interpretation

    In 2011, Doug Beaumont wrote of the complexities (he calls them “qualifications”) often overlooked by those who support sola scriptura. I am curious how those on this forum would address them. Below I will lay out the layers. The full text is here...
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    The Vincentian Canon: The Earliest Warning Against Sola Scriptura

    In a previous thread, I asked the question: how can a Protestant who adheres to sola scriptura distinguish between their own opinion and what is "biblical?" Many tried to answer this question, but they all were unable to provide an adequate answer that did not end in circular subjectivism (my...
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    How Does a Protestant Differentiate Between What the "Bible Teaches" and Their Own Opinions?

    All "Bible" believing Protestants who adhere to sola scriptura believe their beliefs are true because they are "biblical." They have Scripture as the final authority on all matters of faith and practice, but Scripture needs an interpreter. When a Christian interprets the bible, they do so...
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    The Bereans Vs. The Council of Jerusalem

    The Context: Those who adhere to sola scriptura often cite the Bereans as a biblical template for the praxis. They also state that Church has always practiced this praxis. If this were so, what do we make of the case of the Bereans and the Council of Jerusalem? According to Acts, there arose a...
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    Who Decided on the Books in the New Testament Canon?

    Regarding the nature of the New Testament canon: considering all the works produced in the first 200 years of Christianity, why were some universally included (the Gospels, Acts, and writings of Paul), other were included reluctantly (James, Jude, 2 Peter, 3 John, Hebrews, and Book of...
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    How Do Those Who Adhere to Sola Scriptura Address....

    How do those who adhere to sola scriptura address the issues of mass illiteracy, a rarity of written materials, and the lack of access to the original biblical languages throughout the history of the church? Most people (including Christians) during the time of the Apostles were illiterate...