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    You're Fired

    No, cheating at golf, per usual.
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    Classic Joe - Presidential Medal of Freedom

    The best is yet to come...:cool: https:// (remove the space in the address, cut n paste to view)
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    Where can the truth and reality be known to exist?

    Not in that empty space between your ears... keep looking.
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    I want to talk with a militant atheist on God exists or not.

    Yeah, an impo'tant pigment of your imagination.
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    Weekend update from SNL

    https: // Remove the space to watch. :p
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    Paulogia - youtube channel

    A quality channel that presents well researched and informational facts about nonbelief, presented by an exchristian. Also, the Ear Biscuits/Good Mythical Morning channels are a mix of fun and levity. Name some of your often-viewed channels to share with everyone.
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    What has everyone been doing since the last incarnation of CARM died?

    Recovering from intestinal surgery (get your scoping done!) Still a bit tender yet. Lots of napping n reading, along with soft foods and lots of tea - feeding my SF habit. Picked up a MIJ Squire to begin learning the basics.
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    YMCA - So lame, so Trump

    Check out his elevator lifts too. He's missing his matching purse to go with his rumpled suit.
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    YMCA - So lame, so Trump

    edit link violation
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    Eddie Van Halen

    Mark Knopfler is a personal favorite.
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    Responding to "The Thomas Factor"

    Basically, it's an elephant in the room that is ignored... how is there a 'lineage' when there are no blood relationships?
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    Explaining Explanation

    The more things change... :cautious: