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    Times and seasons original article.

    This is the section of the article which spawned a first article titled times and seasons introduced by e.v.e. this helps explain some of the discussion of the topic. The words "times and seasons" are words referring to the periodic feasts and festivals of the jewish calender. These feasts...
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    The faulty foundations of the doctrine of verbal plenary inspiration and its effects on hermeneutics

    Might have to have Google drive to see this. But an older version can be seen at fulfilled prophecy with fulfilled prophecy studies being all one word. Then search for this title or second Peter 3:16 or similar words. This is a edited and better version of that article...
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    Redaction criticism

    The purpose of this threat is to discuss the pros and cons of redactive criticism. Here is one YouTube video which I found to give some beginning insight into the topic. Note that at the YouTube website when this video is at the top the complete text of the video is displayed in the copy below...
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    Differences in hermeneutics.

    The purpose of this post is to open dialogue and discussion about various types of hermeneutic methods and their differences and similarities. The post and thread will be open to consider and dialogue and discuss about other types of hermeneutics systems other than just the historical...
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    A pretty good blog, though not affirming to be preterist.
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    Five foundational points to help understand the revelation
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    10 passages which allegedly prophesied future events but closer scrutiny reveals them as fulfilled