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    The Christian position

    I think if a Christain entered a room and honestly stated their case it would look like this: I know the one true god out of the 10,000 we have worshipped I know how the universe began I know what happens after we die I know of realities beyond our own like Heaven I know what God does and does...
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    An Experiement for God

    Many on CARM claim to have proof or empirical evidence for God. I have decided to embrace it. Not all do so if you agree that there is no empirical proof for God then that's cool. But for those who claim to have empirical evidence let's use the scientific method to create an experiment to...
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    Thought Experiment

    Let's say three men approach, each holding an ancient tome. The first says, "God is real! The truth is in The Bible. And I have personally experienced God" Edit per mod.
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    Why does God watch abortions?

    Why do you think God watches abortions instead of stopping them? If God is real then he is omniscient so he ca see each and every abortion. If God is real he is omnipotent then he can stop abortion with a thought. Instead God watches 56 million abortions per year - and does nothing. He watches...
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    Atheists - what proof do you need?

    I am curious. What do you need to believe in God? I think it is a fair question. If Christians are trying to bring us to God its only fair that we tell them what the criteria are. Then, if Christians cannot meet the criteria, the Christian can say, 'ah - I do not have that.' And the...
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    Proof without empiricism

    Many Christians think that empirical, objective evidence is not the only, or even the best, way to determine what is true. I am willing to learn other ways to verify truth. For example, how do you figure out if these are true without empirical evidence? Your kid claims they did their homework...
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    The discussion is very simple

    I think we go down rabbit holes here at CARM - and they are fun. But I thought I'd drag us back to the basics of an apologetic form. Here is the argument: Christian: I believe in God, Jesus, and all of Christianity Atheist: can you prove it empirically? Christian: No - I believe on faith...
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    Why believe the Gospels?

    Why do you believe The Gospels are true but the Koran, The Book of Mormon, The Vedas, The Ballad of Gilgamesh, The Iliad, and The Pyramid Texts are not? I see a bookshelf with a thousand religious texts on it. You pull out one of the thousand and say, "this one is true." Why?
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    oops - retracted
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    No longer a need to argue?

    I think there may be less reason for atheists like me to take Christians to task then there used to be. What do you think? One of the reasons I am such a zealot is because I see how Christianity can have a negative impact on my country. I saw Americans basing their ideas for laws on The Bible...
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    My Original Question for Christians

    I thought it might be fun to revisit the original question that brought me to CARM years ago. Now that we've had countless discussions maybe we'll see this differently - who knows. My question: How did Christians react when the church collapsed during the 2010 Haiti earthquake and crushed the...
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    Lord Brahma is real

    I'm curious how Christians react to claims of others. So here is a thought experiment - would Christians believe me if I said: I claim Lord Brahma is the one true God. I know this because I have experienced brahma personally many times. I pray to brahma and he listens. The truth of Lord...
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    Please list your evidence for God

    I think we get away from the core goal if this forum from time to time. So I ask Christians - can you provide a bulleted list of your evidence for God? Is it empirical or just feelings? How is it different from the evidence for Zeus? For example, I believe the moon is real because...
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    In Conclusion

    The past few months have been fun - I've enjoyed the debate and learning more about Christians. I felt like taking a pause to summarize the major issues for me personally: There is no compelling empirical evidence for God: we have yet to see any real empirical evidence that proves Jesus rose...
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    I think Christianity may be indefensible

    Would you cure cancer if you could? Its a very simple question. And of course the answer is yes. Any decent human would instantly answer yes to that question. We support charities that are trying to cure cancer. No one would intentionally withhold the cure to cancer. It is about as basic as...
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    Defend the morality of Christianity?

    I do not intend to offend anyone with this stark description of Christianity. I have just grown frustrated with the dodges, equivocations, and willful ignorance on these forums. So let's have it out in an honest discussion. If this offends please ignore it and accept my apology. This forum...
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    Christmas has evolved into a very non-Christian holiday

    I find it interesting that the traditions we celebrate at Christmas in American are almost all pagan or secular. This does not prove or disprove anything about God or Jesus but I just think it is interesting to observe. For example, let's list the things we associate with the Christmas...
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    Christians - what do you say to people of other faiths?

    What do Christians say when someone claims that Allah or Lord Shiva is the true God? It occurs to me that this is similar to what atheists see. When a Christian says, "God is real" we atheists have questions, reaction, etc. I would think these are similar to when a Christian is told that...
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    Does this make sense?

    Here is another way I can share how atheists see the world. When I hear a Christian say they believe in God but do not believe in Allah, Lord Shiva, or any other god it occurs to me that Christians believe thousands of gods were created by man but Yahweh is real. It looks like this: Allah...
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    Empirical Evidence used in real life

    As many of your know I believe that the only way to prove if something is real is with empirical evidence. I think that we cannot determine of God is real based on non-empirical evidence like feelings of joy in church, eyewitness testimony of encounters with Jesus, or references to 2,000+ year...