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    Grim milestone: 1 in 500 Americans died from Covid-19

    This week the US passed a grim milestone. One out of every 500 Americans has died from Covid. And if that wasn't bad enough, hospitals are still being overwhelmed by covid patients so much so that care is being rationed. There is not enough staff or facilities to care for them all, plus all...
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    Reflections on today's readings at mass – James 2:14-18 and Mark 8:27-35

    Looking at today's Gospel reading from Mark, we see Jesus asking his disciples who they think he is. It is Peter who boldly proclaims (for the first time for any disciple) “You are the Christ!”. This event is expanded upon in Matthew's Gospel, but in Mark, the narrative immediately turns to...
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    Readings for August 22nd

    This Sunday the Gospel reading at mass concludes the Bread of Life Discourse. But since those verses were already discussed in last Sunday's thread, I will instead focus on the first reading from the Old Testament, which is Jos 24:1-2a, 15-17, 18b, but also point out parallels between John 6...
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    Luke 1:39-56, Mary visits Elizabeth

    Today the Church takes a break from the Bread of Life Discourse to celebrate the Assumption of Mary into heaven. We will conclude the Bread of Life Discourse next Sunday. Today's Gospel describes the visit of Mary to Elizabeth (Luke 1:39-56). In these verses we learn a lot from Elizabeth who...
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    John 6:41-51, Bread of Life continues

    The mass for this Sunday continued with the Gospel from John 6: 41-51 in the Bread of Life Discourse. In these verses, the Jews begin questioning Jesus's claim that he is the living bread come down from heaven. They do this by focusing on his very ordinary origin (so they thought). They say...
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    Today's Gospel: John 6: 24-35

    At mass today, Catholics hear John 6:24-35, which is a continuation of the bread of life discourse that started last week, where Jesus feeds the 5000 from the five loaves and two fish. That was food for earthly life. But Jesus now begins talking about food for eternal life. When those where...
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    Pitch Meeting - funny videos

    The Pitch Meeting series has over 100 videos of pitch meets where the writer pitches the movie idea to the studio producer. Ryan George plays both roles. Here is the one for Lord of the Rings, the Fellowship of the Ring: and here is the Pitch Meeting for Pirates of the Caribbean: There's...
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    Today's Gospel from John 6: 1-15

    The Gospel read at mass today is from John 6:1-15. It is the familiar story of the miraculous multiplication of loaves and fishes. About 200 years ago a movement called Rationalism began to offer an interpretation of this story that strips the story of its miraculous cause. That...
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    If the Titanic sank in 2021

    If the Titanic sank in 2021, we might hear the following remarks from the passengers: "First they said "unsinkable". Now they say we are sinking. Why should we believe them?" "I don't see an iceberg. Nobody I know saw an iceberg." "The hole in the ship is below the water line? Oh, that's...
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    Frivolous suit filed by Trump

    This lawsuit over Trump's banning is primarily a fundraising opportunity for the former President.
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    Controversy over country music star's patriotic bible

    The bible is to be called the "God Bless the USA" bible. In addition to scriptures, it will contain the Constitution, the Pledge of Allegiance, the Bill of Rights, and the chorus of country music star, Lee Greenwood's song, "God Bless the USA." However, due to pressure from many Christian...
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    In Remembrance of the Tulsa Race Riots of 1921

    In a few days it will be the centennial of the Tulsa Race Riots, the worst race riot in American history. There was a vibrant community of 10,000 blacks in Tulsa called "Greenwood" that Booker T. Washington called the "Black Wall Street." They had realized the American Dream. Businesses were...
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    Your Name (2016)

    I mentioned this movie in another forum, but this is a more appropriate place to post it. Has anyone seen it and what did you think of it?
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    Will the ouster of super conservative Liz Cheney mark the Republican Party as the party of lies?

    If the vote by the Republican conference goes as expected today, super conservative Liz Cheney (who voted with Trump on policies more than 95% of the time) will be replaced by not-so-conservative Elise Stefanik in party leadership. The main difference between the two is that Liz Cheney rejects...
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    "The Culture of Contempt" on social media

    This recent talk by Bishop Barron has a lot to say about what goes on in all sorts of social media - Facebook, Twitter, chat rooms, and discussion forums.
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    Scripture readings for 3rd Sunday of Easter

    The first reading at today's mass is from Acts 3. Starting in verse 13 we see Peter telling the people who were complicit in the death of Jesus that, after all they have done in pressuring Pilate when Pilate was going to release Jesus, that even now there is hope for them if them but repent and...
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    Mass today - Doubting Thomas

    On the Sunday after Easter the Gospel reading is about the Apostle Thomas and how he got the label of "doubting Thomas". But viewing the life of Thomas through that one moniker is unfair to the man. His first appearance in the bible is when Jesus is preparing to go to Lazarus on the news that...
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    A False Dichotomy

    Here is a false dichotomy I have encountered recently: "All people are either saved and they know it, or they are dead in there sins and have no desire for God". The Catholic Church rejects this dichotomy and believes the vast majority of people are in a third category - people who do not know...
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    Happy Easter

    May the blessings of the risen Christ be unto all of you here. Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!
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    Triduum - Thursday evening through Easter morning

    Today marks the beginning of the holiest three days in the liturgical calendar - Holy Thursday evening leading to Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday. It is called the Triduum, and the services held on these days are considered to be all one service. Thursday evening always features...