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  1. Challenger007

    Roasted veggies anyone?

    Fried, stewed vegetables are delicious. I love grilled zucchini and eggplant. I generally keep quiet about tomatoes - I can eat them in any form.
  2. Challenger007

    Ask Any Questions Get the Answers BIBLICAL!

    Tell me, what answer should be received by people whose relatives have been subjected to violence? What retribution should they expect for the offender?
  3. Challenger007

    Sin that leads to death

    Are you sure your faith will protect you from criminals? If someone offends your loved ones, are you really going to be satisfied that somewhere after death, an imaginary punishment awaits him? Is your faith enough to forgive violence against your relatives, forgive broken lives?
  4. Challenger007

    Fusion of folk with Amazing Grace

    Yes, the subwoofer is wireless and the speakers are wireless too. Of course, charging is not enough for a long time, but you can listen to music or watch a movie in good sound depending on your mood.
  5. Challenger007

    Fusion of folk with Amazing Grace

    Great music! Although I'm not sure what the impression would be if there was a bad speaker system. I am not enjoying my JBL Soundbar with surround sound in any way. On such an audio system, high-quality music fully reveals all its facets.
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    Did Jesus teach he was GOD himself?

    If God is one, how can we identify the three divine personalities? In my opinion, this is a contradiction.
  7. Challenger007

    Doctor Who

    Not a bad TV show, but there are better ones. Although when you want to see something, this is a great option.
  8. Challenger007

    Your Favorite Casseroles

    Sounds healthy. But it just so happened that my nephew is allergic to mangoes. The whole family eats mangoes and no problem, and my nephew has an allergy.
  9. Challenger007

    Your Favorite Casseroles

    I try to cook only what will delight my family. I am looking for recipes from our favorite ingredients, experimenting with spices, although I need to be careful, because there are a lot of allergens in their interesting products.
  10. Challenger007

    Your Favorite Casseroles

    Thanks a lot for the recipe. Perhaps I will cook such a yummy this weekend. The parents promised to come to visit, you need to somehow diversify the diet.
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    Mad hatter tea party

    When I was little, my grandmother baked her signature waffles for me every time. I love this taste since childhood and still eat them with pleasure, although I am already 29 years old. I took the recipe for her waffles from my grandmother and am now preparing them for my children. However, to...
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    For rock and metal fans tell your favorite groups

    Believe me, I, too, have not heard about all the groups that they talk about in this thread. Well, simply because it is impossible to know all the music.
  13. Challenger007

    For rock and metal fans tell your favorite groups

    My favorite bands are Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, Powerwolf, Derdian, Rammstein, Scorpions, Metallica. In the last couple of years, I have been very fond of Imagine Dragons. The latter is not hard rock, but they have their own unique style and manner.
  14. Challenger007

    Watched "Kimi no Na wa" (Your Name) 3 times.

    Class! Thanks for the recommendations. Probably the best option would be to get a DVD. I like to watch movies with subtitles when the subtitles are done well and the translation matches the meaning.
  15. Challenger007

    Watched "Kimi no Na wa" (Your Name) 3 times.

    Where can I watch this movie? I think this might be interesting. I'm already a little tired of Hollywood films - it's interesting to watch something new, with a fundamentally new mentality and an unusual approach. Foreign films are great for this.
  16. Challenger007

    Star Formation

    We do not know what was happening in the Universe millions of years ago, what forces influenced the formation of celestial bodies. Our capabilities are limited by the power of our telescopes and the lack of space travel beyond our solar system (although we do not travel within the solar system...
  17. Challenger007

    Remembering what you've never consciously ever heard before.

    It seems to me that this phenomenon is partly due to the concept of a "viral" work. Have you ever caught yourself with a song spinning endlessly in your head, is it worth hearing it once? While you listen to other songs, listen and they are not remembered. You remember the general motive, but...
  18. Challenger007

    The age of the universe

    Yes, this is really interesting. It seems to me that in the coming decades we will not get far ahead in determining the age of the universe until some significant breakthrough occurs in the field of space exploration. But there could be a breakthrough because there are companies like...
  19. Challenger007

    The Bible and Divorce

    Hypocrisy is living and sleeping with a person who is unpleasant, who you don't love. This is an absolutely stupid stereotype - to give up on yourself if the marriage does not work out. We are not in the Middle Ages and to consider a book as an absolute truth, which is essentially a relic of the...
  20. Challenger007

    Just when you think it can't get any worse; a documentary on bestiality

    This is a really strange movie, judging by the description. This is either a mental pathology in a person, or is it just some kind of abnormal story. I understand homosexuality, transgender transition. But I don't understand pathological addictions to animals and children.