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  1. organgrinder

    Invalid baptisms for years

    What will all those folks do have been invalidly baptized by a priest? Are they damned to hell? My goodness, the priest deviated from the sacramental liturgy formula and said "we baptize" instead of "I baptize"... Brings to light that it isn't magic words in the liturgical formula of baptism...
  2. organgrinder

    What is the Gospel according to Mormons?

    Two Mormons on this site have been asked to explain exactly what the Gospel is. No answer yet. Any other Mormons out there who can answer?
  3. organgrinder

    Do Mormons believe Cain is still alive on earth?

    Just curious. Do Mormons still believe Cain (of Adam and Eve) is still alive on earth?
  4. organgrinder

    What tribe of Israel are Mormons from?

    Saw a video today of man who talked with some LDS missionaries. He posed the question, "what tribe of Israel are you from?" What tribes are the Mormons here from?
  5. organgrinder

    Pope backs civil unions

    Well, it is one step closer for the RCC to recognize sacramental same-sex marriage. I see a news story today saying the Pope is calling for civil unions between same sex couples. Just another example of the church conforming to the world instead of the proclaiming the truth of God's word and...