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    More freedom please

    For anyone so confused that our new right wing is pure evil look no further. Imagine the great things he would accomplish as potus.
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    Bidens disinformation board???

    Have you read 1984? The ministry of truth. This is an outrage I hope someone puts a stop to it.
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    Donald Trump has done more for religion than anyone "Nobody has done more for Christianity or for evangelicals or for religion itself than I have,"...
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    Pandora papers I wonder what if anything will come of this?
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    US Supreme courts Sotomayer allows NY school vaccine mandate Looks like the mandates are going to stick. The good of the populace out weighs any individual seems to be the horse...
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    Way to go, Idaho! Giant red state shuts down the big lie. Nice job by a pure red state to shut down the lies.
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    Arizona governor will not decertify the election. This is what makes Trump one of the very worst presidents ever. He lost, the audit is done and rule of law is going to win. His claims of massive election...
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    Why does Trump want to stop Biden... Since Trump did nothing wrong on Jan 6 why is he trying to invoke executive privilege? Because he is guilty.
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    Biden railed against Trumps immigration policies
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    So they wont give you ivermectin AKA how to own the libs,consumption%20of%20contaminated%20soil It appears that Dr's are not giving patients on a respirator ivermectin. So give yourself worms and then if you get covid and go the hospital they will have to...
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    Forget Godzilla vs King Kong its Trump vs McConnell Trump is trying to dismantle the Republican party. I am starting to wonder if he is a Democrat shill.
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    N. Carolina voter id law is discriminating against blacks says the courts. Why doesn't federal govt. Issue free id's since it is so critical for elections.
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    Coming soon to the Republican party. Yes folks new tactics for our current Republicans to emulate.
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    Turns out Milley may have saved the world Milley held a secret Pentagon meeting as he thought Trump became unhinged. There will be no court martial.
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    Possible court martial for Milley. Another WOW this morning. I know Trump is not stable as a leader but this could lead to a court martial. If we were to attack a country you don't let them know...
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    Yes, Dan Quayle helped save democracy
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    Landslide victory for Newsom in California It wasn't close. Californians clearly do not want what the new Republicans are selling. And lying about election fraud will not help their cause. It makes them look pathetic imo...
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    Trump says California recall election rigged On Monday, former President Donald Trump, who has continued to promote falsehoods about his loss in the 2020 election, issued a statement saying, "Does anybody really believe...
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    White house cuts feed of Biden....

    I can only wonder why. I hope someone leaks it.
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    The nolan chart Political quiz to see where you are positioned politically.