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  1. Furion

    Liberals and their messenging issues. Has any liberal ever thought their issue is not the message, it's the product? We keep hearing that if only they could explain their message better, the American people would luv them. It's actually a very effective...
  2. Furion

    LOTR, The Rings of Power

    Didn't even know they were doing this until I read of some controversy. Are you concerned like many Tolkien fans? I read a little and it's hard for me to be too upset, although I'm pretty ignorant of the complaints. I'm not like a purist or superfan or anything. The one I read that seemed to...
  3. Furion

    Democrats, Hillary is your best option

    So says two of your operatives. Do you really think Hillary will run? And do you think she could win?
  4. Furion

    Branch Covidians. Are you one?

    Interesting article.
  5. Furion

    JAMA: Give it up Joey, you've failed bigly.

    The cult leader Biden is given some advice. Covid kicked your butt, it's on your head, get over it. :)
  6. Furion

    Did you get your White House Christmas card? A Merry Doom to y'all. (This link is satire for you overly excitable people, although Joe is walking satire because he actually did predict his doom upon you)
  7. Furion

    Facebook finally realizes what CARM liberals have not.

    LOL All right all you liberal (and allegedly lean right) liberals, your fact checks are just opinion.
  8. Furion

    Zealanders! Ardern says you can resume your orgies! Oh noes! It's the Gateway Pundit! How will you ever forgive them? I take it you missed your orgies and sex parties down there. Your girl saved the day.
  9. Furion

    Is this website to be trusted?

    Some claim this is a good source to help spot fake news. Cliff notes: Heavily relies on being a standard of sorts. Key points: Consider the source Read beyond the headline Consider the author What's the support Check your...
  10. Furion

    US MSM least trusted in the world Well, now US liberals know why so many believe the US MSM is not to be trusted, and most everyone else agrees.
  11. Furion

    If Democrats want to win, make everything about Trump? So this would be the fear strategy. Do you liberals think this would or will work? It's not looking good so maybe you need to do something.
  12. Furion

    Trump impersonator kills a woman Does anyone sympathize? I feel bad for the woman he killed, and for the other person he maimed. I'm trying to find my sympathy for the impersonator.
  13. Furion

    Liberals, WaPo says lower your expectations! Ahhh yes, the liberal answer for Joey's ineptitude is to lower your expectations. I can see how this will...
  14. Furion

    Mean christians: some advice I think this may have been lifted from CARM atheists posts. I could be wrong.
  15. Furion

    What is a centrist (Americans only, sorry foreigners)

    So we have 1 CARM person claiming to be a lefty, vibise. Now there is a rash of people claiming to be "centrists" What policy positions do centrists have? Who is your leader, your hero? Biden? lol
  16. Furion

    Are you Unworthy?

    Acts 13:46 Then Paul and Barnabas waxed bold, and said, It was necessary that the word of God should first have been spoken to you: but seeing ye put it from you, and judge yourselves unworthy of everlasting life, lo, we turn to the Gentiles. You can read the context in Acts 13. Do atheists...
  17. Furion

    Biden goes full authoritarian The same guy who abandons our people in Afghanistan now demands companies fire employees. Happy now, liberals?
  18. Furion

    Papers please! What a sad state of affairs in France. At least the people are fighting back.
  19. Furion

    Good news!

    They are going to do COVID clinical trials for pregnant women! (If you sense the irony in this then at least you are alive.) Even better news, the study will complete by the end of January 2024!
  20. Furion

    Color coded feelings What is your color? Do you desperately want no one to approach your highness? Just wear red. When someone does approach you, show them your redness. Then breakout in spontaneous Karen...