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    If the Book of Mormon is true then Joseph Smith is a false prophet

    This is an old thread; I am going to lock it.
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    The Bible tells is to have a paid clergy

    This is a very old thread. I am going to lock it.
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    James 2:24

    Note for Mesenja--always cite sources when your posts are not original, and even if you are summarizing what someone else wrote. Also, only two links per post allowed for non-Super members.
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    Tragic: 6-Year-Old Child Develops Myocarditis Two Days After Receiving COVID-19 "Vaccine "

    from ferengi; merged with this thread: 'He was perfectly fine, and then he wasn't' Dr. Peter McCullough, a well-known expert on vaccines, is on record warning that myocarditis triggered by the COVID-19 vaccinations is way more serious than the same problem from the China virus itself. In an...
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    Did Jesus bear Gods wrath and was He forsaken ?

    Truther and everyone else on here-do NOT debate non-Christian theology on this board. Take it to the Apologetics board, if you wish to do that. This board is for debating all things Armenian and Calvinistic--not Oneness doctrines. Thank you.
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    How the Church Determines Doctrine

    locking old thread
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    The LDS and the Biblical NT theology

    locking old thread
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    The First Vision

    locking old thread
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    Locking old thread
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    The math of scriptural verses

    Locking old thread.
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    About those LDS temples.....

    I am locking this thread as it is too old to be bumped.
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    There is no war on christmas, Just hold off 'till after the 11th

    I am locking this thread. It is becoming increasingly contentious.
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    The Virgin Mary

    Shnarkle....if you are not a Catholic, then you cannot debate non-Catholics on this board. This board is for non-Catholics and Catholics to debate each other. If you are not Catholic, then take debating with non-Catholics on here to the Apologetics board. Thank you.
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    Surviving Jaredite Names in Mesoamerica

    Mesenja, did you write this all yourself, or did you copy and paste if from another source? If the latter, you need to cite it. You do not need to link to it, but at least cite your source.
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    Community of Christ (RLDS)

    To all--after conferring with 4Him, she said to take discussion of Community of Christ to the Apologetics Board. I will therefor move this thread there.
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    Scripture, the norming norm.

    Discussion on the day of Resurrection has been moved to the Apologetics board. It is off topic for the Lutheran board--I apologize for not providing a link to that board.
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    Romans 7 - Pre-Christ

    I am locking this thread. Only 2 threads per forum per day by one poster may be started. Daniel started 3. So I am locking this one. Please read the rules.
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    The BIBLE the only authoritive book on God's Word

    Prophet, in the future, please provide a bit more commentary when you post a youtube. Thank you.
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    Note to all posters, especially Orthodox posters....

    The Catholic board is for non-Catholics to debate Catholics about Catholic beliefs. It is NOT to be a forum for non-Catholics to debate each other. That also means that Orthodox posters should not debate Protestants on here. There is an Orthodox forum for that. I deleted a bunch of posts on both...
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    Mormon claims Paul was a misogynist?

    For Charismatic Lady and others--non Mormon posters can certainly post to each other on this board. What they cannot do is debate each other, or bicker with each other on this board. There are other boards for that. Please review the rules below: Do note that all posters are required to...