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  1. Ongyo no Kiheiji

    God Separate From Jesus

    How do you--Trinitarians--reconcile your believe that "the Father, the son, and the holy spirit are (collectively) the same God" when Scriptures depicts Jesus and God as two separate entities. For example, we read: "son of man...came to the Ancient of Days" (Daniel 7:13; Mark 14:62) "my Father...
  2. Ongyo no Kiheiji

    Question for Towerwatchman

    In several posts, you repeated (in part): How do you reconcile your belief that God "caused Mary's egg to instantly become a zygote" with John 1:14 which says "the Word became flesh"?
  3. Ongyo no Kiheiji

    John 5:18

    John 5:18 states (in part): "He (Jesus) was also calling God his own Father, making himself equal to God". Three questions: 1) Who is "God" in this text? 2) Doesn't "equal" refer to two (or more)? 3) If so, how can Jesus be "equal to God" if he is God(, and without there being 'more...
  4. Ongyo no Kiheiji

    The "gods" of John 10:34-35

    Two questions (for the Trinitarians): 1) Are the "gods" mentioned at John 10:34(, ie, the "gods" of Psalm 82:6) 'true gods or false gods'? 2) How does quoting Psalm 82:6 help Jesus prove that "he is Deity"?
  5. Ongyo no Kiheiji

    If They Are The Same God

    If Jesus and his Father are the same God, how is there a "God of our Lord Jesus Christ" (eg Matthew 27:46; Ephesians 1:17; Revelation 1:6; Revelation 3:12)?
  6. Ongyo no Kiheiji

    The "One God" of Scripture versus The "One God" of Trinitarianism

    The term "one God" is used in the Bible, but is never used in reference to either the son or the holy spirit. So why do Trinitarians conclude that both the son and the spirit are also the "one God" when the Bible never expresses this?
  7. Ongyo no Kiheiji

    Yes or No (or It's Complicated)

    Is the Trinity the "one God" for Trinitarians--yes or no?