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  1. Mr Laurier

    Found this video lecture.

    So one Mr Tom Evans is an American paleontologist. He gives lectures on the topic of dinosaur evolution Those lectures can be found on Youtube Enjoy
  2. Mr Laurier

    Where is it?

    Where is the thread?
  3. Mr Laurier

    So today was Remembrance Day.

    Today was Remembrance Day. Commemorating the dead of the Great War. The awful waste of lives, to fuel the egos of kings... and dominate Africa and Asia. We won the war. And by the sadistic demands of Versailles, we threw away the peace. Leading inevitably to another, more terrible war, a...
  4. Mr Laurier

    There is no war on christmas, Just hold off 'till after the 11th

    Its that time of year again... when the faux noise viewers are triggered to whine about their "WAR ON CHRISTMAS". And about how "we cant say merry christmas, because it will offend the atheists muslims". Never mind that no atheist OR muslim has ever been offended by anybody saying "merry...
  5. Mr Laurier

    Its history

    Its history
  6. Mr Laurier

    A concern.

    When political ideology decides science... we all suffer. Religious fundamentalism has gained political power, and has been trying for years to dictate science. What happens if they succeed ?
  7. Mr Laurier

    So... Yesterday was labour day

    I did pause to reflect on the hard won rights we have today. Rights that are being eroded by corporate owned, career politicians. What our grandfathers bled for on the picket lines, we are throwing away. That frightens me
  8. Mr Laurier

    What is the difference?

    I find it both amusing and disturbing that so many americans think their Democratic party is in some way "left wing". Not only that, but they think that there is any meaningful difference between the Republicans, and the Democrats. The Republicans are further right wing, and have no centrist...
  9. Mr Laurier

    Where is it?

    Where was the thread moved to? It was moved to another forum. Where?
  10. Mr Laurier

    Covid evolution

    The ever mutating Covid 19 virus is yet another example of evolution happening in plain sight. And creationists are making it worse
  11. Mr Laurier

    The universe is JAZZ

    The universe is jazz. Cosmologists used to think the universe worked like a baroque symphony. Big, yes. But orderly. But on the 1960s and 70s, we found that the universe was not so simple. It was in fact, absurdly complex. If you listen to abstract jazz, it doesnt make sense at first. But the...
  12. Mr Laurier

    Does anybody know what a "evoStory" is?

    Does anybody know what a "evoStory" is? Seriously. Does anybody know? What about "earthianity"?
  13. Mr Laurier

    There is no "white race"

    One of the most destructive lies ever created, the lie of "the white race", has crippled western thinking for 300 years. Isn't it time we got rid of this relic?
  14. Mr Laurier

    Mengele's lab

    A well known crime, often misrepresented in the media. Mengele's lab was one of several examples of science without moral or ethical constraint. We need to remember the human cost of outdated ideas of "race". These ideas lead to horror and obscenity.
  15. Mr Laurier

    Why do I accept evolution?

    Dear creationists... why do YOU think I accept evolution? Its a serious question.
  16. Mr Laurier

    Creationism is nonsense

    Creationism is not science. It is religion in a lab coat, pouring coloured water into test tubes, and playing "scientist" on youtube. Evolution is a biological process. Lets not look away from the evidence. Religion is not threatened by science. And it is well documented Media removed...
  17. Mr Laurier

    The age of the universe

    How old is the universe? And how do we know? About a hundred years ago, a christian priest named Georges Lemaitre, calculated the age of the universe, based on the red shift of known galaxies. He based his work on the observations of Edwin Hubble... who then checked his, Lemaitre's, work...
  18. Mr Laurier

    Something has to give

    As the corporate oligarchy plunders the world, we the workers seem powerless. Unions are being eroded. And with them, the rights our grandfathers won on the picket lines. This cannot be good.
  19. Mr Laurier

    Gregor Mendel,

    Gregor Mendel was a 19th century monk who discovered genetics. He gave the theory of evolution the final part needed to be an actual theory. Why do creationist not attack him? Or do they just not know about him?