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  1. treeplanter

    Hallelujah and Hare Krishna

    It bothers me that George Harrison embraced Krishna Consciousness Perhaps it shouldn't, but it does... I love The Beatles and even though I never knew them personally {despite the pleasure of briefly meeting Paul McCartney} I consider them friends - family, even... As such, it troubles me that...
  2. treeplanter

    God is Dead

    A classic film piece from The Kids in the Hall television program followed by the series opening featuring the iconic theme by the band, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet What say you, Christians? Funny or offensive? Does God have a sense of humor? More importantly, is God capable of laughing...
  3. treeplanter

    Infinite, Intrinsic Worth

    Which of the following suggests that we are of infinite, intrinsic worth? I will grant you eternal life just because you are or I will grant you eternal life just so long as you give your life to me?
  4. treeplanter

    What is Faith?

    My definition of faith: Faith is accepting as truth that for which there is no sufficiently compelling evidence Faith is accepting as fact that for which there is no ultimate proof Faith is believing without seeing Faith is trusting without good reason Whenever I share my definition of faith...
  5. treeplanter

    Free Will and The Flood

    For those Christians who believe that God gave us free will and refrains from interfering where the exercising of free will is concerned: How do you reconcile the account of the Flood? Scripture tells us that God saw "how great the wickedness of the human race had become" and that "every...
  6. treeplanter

    Respectfully Challenging Christian Teaching

    Please allow me to preface the following, with the following: I am NOT being vulgar, divisive, insulting, or profane! I am NOT speaking in a perverted, offensive, profane, foul, or blasphemous manner! I am NOT posting the following words IN MOCKERY OF CHRISTIAN BELIEFS OR TERMS OFFENSIVE IN...
  7. treeplanter

    To Inflict vs To Permit

    At the end of the day, is there really any difference between a father who consciously and purposefully abuses his own child and a father who knowingly and needlessly does nothing while his child is being abused? Edited by MOD 20 From the rules. Rule 25 Freedom of Speech: Your freedom of...
  8. treeplanter

    To Serve Sheep

    Respectfully submitted for your perusal, the shepherd is charged with protecting and caring for the flock Guarding against predators, tending to the sick and injured, providing shelter and sustenance, etc Did you ever stop to think and ask yourself why, though? Why does the shepherd dedicate...
  9. treeplanter

    The Irony Of It All

    I have been told repeatedly by CARM Christians that I reject God because I prefer my sin and wish to live without the consequence of His judgement Rubbish! The actual reason I reject God is because Edit per mod Ironically, one the primary reasons I have judged Him unworthy of my devotion is...
  10. treeplanter

    God says: "Do Not Have An Abortion"

    As far as I know, nowhere in scripture is God directly quoted as saying: "Do not have an abortion" Here, though, is my question: Am I wrong for having, in the OP, quoted God as saying something that He clearly intends even though He never actually says? Are "QUOTES" to be used strictly for...
  11. treeplanter

    Clarity in Commands

    A CARM Christian has recently shared with me that the reason YHVH commanded His followers, in the OT, to kill those who followed different gods is because these people were: “screwing around with family members” {“sisters, mothers, sons, daughters, aunts and uncles, animals, etc...”} There’s...
  12. treeplanter

    Is Spiderman Greater Than God?

    “With great power comes great responsibility” We know Spiderman abides by this maxim, but does God? All too often, I have been told by Christians that God can do whatever He pleases with His creation {us} and we are to accept it as good and just no matter what Certainly, God has the power to...
  13. treeplanter

    Did Jesus Die in Vain?

    Did Jesus die in vain? According to at least one CARM Christian, the answer is yes If we are capable of living up to God's standard on our own and are not in need of Jesus then Jesus did die in vain Link Any other Christians agree?
  14. treeplanter

    Why Christianity is Harmful: Reason #47

    Every decent parent strives to raise, into adulthood, a well adjusted child – one who, having been instilled with a sense of self esteem, possesses the confidence to forge a happy, healthy, and productive life for him/herself Parents want for their children to think for themselves and to trust...
  15. treeplanter

    Suspension of Disbelief, The Twilight Zone, and Jesus Christ

    “my endeavours should be directed to persons and characters supernatural, or at least Romantic; yet so as to transfer from our inward nature a human interest and a semblance of truth sufficient to procure for these shadows of imagination that willing suspension of disbelief for the moment, which...
  16. treeplanter

    No Wiggling Out of This One!

    1A. thread titled: As long as you're inexplicably hating on what you think is imaginary in response to treeplanter's assertion that: "To consciously and purposefully inflict needless harm upon others is immoral" Stiggy wiggy's post #30 response: "Correct, for the 6,764th time, Parrot." 2A...
  17. treeplanter

    CARM Christian Needs your Help!

    John 14:6 “Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” “ When Jesus says that NO ONE comes to the Father except through Him – does He actually mean NO ONE? Does NO ONE mean, that of the human race, there are none who can come to God...
  18. treeplanter

    Question for the Author of the Question for the arborist Thread

    Did God have to drown babies in order to save and resurrect them OR could He have saved and resurrected them by other means???
  19. treeplanter

    Needless Harm

    Human beings, oftentimes, have no other choice except to cause harm in the pursuit of a greater good, but God never, ever, need harm us because He is omnipotent and can achieve His every desired end WITHOUT causing harm!! When God harms us it is, by definition, needless - and to consciously and...
  20. treeplanter

    All Time Top 5 Movies

    I am, admittedly, an inveterate list maker given to compulsively ranking all manner of pop cultural stimuli – including cinema Here, now, my current top 5 movies of all time *{of course, this list can and almost certainly will change at some point, but as of today – these are the films that I...