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    Ukraine Nazi Azov Batallion Surrenders Mariupol Steel Plant

    Nazi Azov Batallion Surrenders, 2:16 attached Clip
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    Does Zelenskyy Surrender In Mariupol, Russian Prisoner Exchange For Ukraine Troops And Civilians?

    Clip Sky News Australia 4:40 Zelenskyy Surrenders In Mariupol? In the clip at (2:10-3:40) the Azov commander in the Marioupol steel plant states he has 500 wounded needing medical assistance, with many dead rotting corpses around him, also civilian women and children, the Russians have them...
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    Final Phase Of Russian War, 40,000+ Ukranian Troops Surrounded In Eastern Ukraine, Colonel Douglas MacGregor

    It the 4 minute clip, Colonel Douglas MacGregor dispells MSM claims, showing that the war is in its final phase, as 40-60 thousand Ukranian troops are surrounded and cut off from supplies The Clip, Colonel Douglas MacGregor
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    Mariupol 1,026 Ukranian Soldiers Surrender, Including 162 Officers

    Russia releases video purporting to show Ukrainian marines surrendering Wed, April 13, 2022, 2:10 PM STORY: Russia's defence ministry said on Wednesday that 1,026 soldiers of Ukraine's 36th Marine Brigade, including 162 officers, had surrendered in the besieged Ukrainian port city of Mariupol...
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    How One Ukrainian Billionaire Funded Hunter Biden, President Volodymyr Zelensky, And The Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion

    Ukrainian billionaire-oligarch (Ihor Kolomoysky), owned Burisma where Hunter Biden was on the board of directors, Kolomoysky funneled $Millions$ to Zelenskyy's media company prior to his election as president in May 2019, and Kolomoysky funded the Various military brigades including Azov, Aidar...
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    "Breaking News" Zelenskyy's Azov Batallion Is Killing Innocent Civilians In Ukraine, "War Crimes"!

    Independent Journalist Exposes Zelensky's Murderous 'Nazi' Soldiers Hunting Civilians (Watch) April 9, 2022 “Ukrainian Nazis shoot people and kill people. They kill civilians. Women, men, everybody.” US Navy veteran and independent crowd-funded journalist Patrick Lancaster is in the southern...
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    52 Killed At Train Station In Ukraine By A Russian Missile, Or Poorly Planned Photo Op?

    In The Attached CBS News Clip At 10-20 seconds there is a "supposed" section of a Russian Missile in the grass that "supposedly" caused the destruction, laying perfectly with little grass disturbed around it, with white writing on this object? Also roughly 10-15 supposedly dead bodies seen "In...
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    Joe Biden Is Lost, Harris, Obama, And All Present Give Biden The "Cold Shoulder" As If He's Non-Existent?

    In The 52 Second Clip Do you feel sorry or embarrased for the Geriatric Alzheimer Invalid? That picture says a thousand words, Joe is on his own, on the outside looking in, Kamala isn't going to be VP much longer? The entire room full of people acted as if Biden was non-existent, he looked...
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    Ukraine's Azov Battalion, The History On This Neo Nazi Group?

    Make Nazism Great Again: The Final Push of the Dying Empire Mar 26, 2022 A quick neo-Nazi recap By now only the brain dead across NATOstan – and there are hordes – are not aware of Maidan in 2014. Yet few know that it was then Ukrainian Minister of Interior Arsen Avakov, a former governor of...
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    Mar 31, 2022, Putin's 83% Approval Rating Soars In Russia, Despite Western MSM Reporting Otherwise

    Forbes: Putin’s Domestic Approval Rating Reaches Highest Level In Five Years Forbes Staff Mar 31, 2022 KEY FACTS The poll, conducted from March 24-30 among 1,632 Russian adults, found 83% of Russians support Putin’s activities as president, up 12% from Levada’s February survey conducted in the...
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    CBS "Fake" Photo Ops, Propaganda In Russian Mine Fields Claimed?

    (Russians Left Behind Deadly Weapons)? In the attached clip at 1:50 the CBS reporter is with a Ukranian soldier, walking down a highway showing Russian destruction, then at 1:50 in the Clip, the camera moves to Anti Tank "Mines" in a field next to the road, 3 rows of approximately 16 for a...
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    Is The Ukranian Military Blocking & Killing Civilians, Who Are Trying To Leave The Warzones?

    In the attached clip, testimony of civilians state the Ukranian Military isn't allowing them to leave the warzone, shooting and killing civilians in buses? The Clip, Civilian Testimony
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    Russia Claims Ukraine Military Defense Is Hiding In Civilian Locations, Is It True?

    Volunteers Take To Trenches To Protect Ukraine's Capital The attached clip is by "Radio Free Europe" and is funded by the American government At 1:30-3:30 you will closely note a elementary "School Room" is being used for "Head Quarters" of Ukranian Military enlistment and training, children's...
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    The Story Of Ukraines President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

    I enjoyed watching the attached 9:06 clip below, gave me a better understanding of who Zelenskyy is, shaped by the Oligarchs To think he was Ukraines Comedian & Hollywood Star who became president, with 0% political experience? His Sitcom (Servant Of The People) was his Hollywood campaign...
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    American Military Volunteers In Ukraine, No Gear, Guns, Or Ammo Supplied?

    Is the Odysee clip below, fake news in Russian propaganda, or are the two men actually American volunteers, that are giving eyewitness testimony of events that took place in Ukraine? The Clip, Truth or Propaganda?
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    Human Shield's Being Held Hostage In Ukraine

    The Daily Star Kept as ‘human shields’ in Ukraine camps, say stranded Bangladeshis March 05, 2022 Thanks to the ongoing conflict, many inhabitants of Ukraine has been forced to relocate to neighbouring countries. However, these 120 people cannot even get out of the camp -- going to a safer...
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    Dare To Watch, Ukraine Weapons Biolabs, Funded By The Biden Admin (Fox) Tucker Carlson

    In the attached 10 Min Clip (Fox) Tucker Carlson exposes the Ukranian Biolab, and the Biden Admins funding and ties in secrecy? Biden Secretary Of State Under Secretary (Victoria Neuland) was recently asked by Florida Senator (Marco Rubio) Mar 8, 2022 in congressional testimony, if Ukraine had...
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    Tucker Carlson Fox, Exposes The American Politicians, War In Ukraine, Dare To Watch!

    The other side of the coin on the Russian war, will you dare to watch? In The Clip Tucker Exposes how the politicians were aware the war was coming and promoted it? Tucker shares how we are currently at un-declared war with Russia through sanctions, with provision of inteligence, and military...