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    1874 or 1914? Which Is It?

    In asking JWs about their 1914 doctrine (a doctrine that MUST be believed in order for the possibility for salvation one day), I submit that the following deserves serious consideration: Originally the JW's taught that Jesus was enthroned as king of the kingdom of God in Oct. 1874, not Oct...
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    JWs are discouraged from Bible reading.

    Four quotes to start with: “All who want to understand the Bible should appreciate that the "greatly diversified wisdom of God" can become known only through Jehovah's channel of communication, the faithful and discreet slave.” Watchtower 10/1/1994 p. 8 From JR: See the word “only”...
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    Jude 5 - "Jesus"?

    I've read recently that there are old manuscripts that use the word "Jesus" in Jude 5. Yet, many Bibles have "the Lord". Can any shed some light on this issue?
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    So, what's going on with the Pyramid?

    I'm hearing reports that the Pyramid at Russell's grave has been removed.
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    Theocratic Warfare - Any personal examples?

    Have you ever had the truth withheld, been misled, deceived or lied to by a JW? Please feel free to share your story.
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    Beth Sarim

    The Watchtower organization claims to be the prophet of God, but it has made numerous false prophecies. Do modern-day JWs even know about the totally false prophecy regarding Beth Sarim? A preliminary article about it can be found on Wikipedia. However - More to the point of this particular...
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    KJVONLYism and Gnosticism - Are there parallels?

    I openly and with no regret or guild admit that I am opposed to KJVONLYism. I submit that it is a VERY false belief and teaching that has no rational or biblical grounds for existence. I am also opposed to what it does to those who subscribe to it: The natural result in and to a person of...
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    So, what's the latest "Baptist News"?

    Anything interesting going on - nationally, regionally, in your state, locally?
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    What's the need?

    After studying the Bible for more than 40 years using various versions, I can state that there is no Christian belief/doctrine that is found in the KJV that threatened or omitted in modern versions. Over the years, I've asked KJVONLYists to name one that is, and the result has been total failure...
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    Well, this is interesting.

    Both the National Geographic Society and the Smithsonian Institution are on record - in writing - as saying that there is no archaeological evidence nor empirical verification (that means real, actual, substantive proof) for what the Book of Mormon says, in terms of the places named and/or the...
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    Doctor Who

    Thread created for the purpose of talking about the show.
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    What about Archaeology?

    The BoM talks about there being "mighty cities". So, Where's the archaeological evidence? Where are the cities? Where are the places? Where are the artifacts? Where are the inscriptions?
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    Your Favorite Casseroles

    Just name/list them for now - But be prepared to share recipes and how many servings provided. I'll start (with just 4): Shepherd's Pie Chicken Tetrazzini Unstuffed Cabbage Yellow Squash
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    Maybe my contact with this has been limited, but all the KJVONLYists I've ever met are from Baptist or Baptistic churches ("Baptistic" meaning they may not use the particular word "Baptist" to identify themselves, but - when their beliefs are read/heard - they may as well use the word.) My...
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    Even C.T. Russell said Michael is not Christ.

    JW Quote from C.T. Russell stating that Michael is NOT Christ: "His position is contrasted with men and angels, as he is Lord of both, having 'all power in heaven and earth'. Hence it is said, 'Let all of the angels of God worship him' [that must included Michael, the chief angel; hence Michael...
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    Seeing Jesus = Seeing God Himself

    In John 14, there is an interesting exchange between Philip and Jesus. It can easily and rightly be described as a direct and straightforward exchange. It's found in verses 8-9. Philip makes a request: "Show us the Father." Now, contextually, Philip is a Jew. That means that the words "the...
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    Is the term "JW masters" really inaccurate?

    How the JW Masters View Themselves and What They Write: "The Watchtower is not the instrument of any man or set of men nor is it published according to the whims of men. No man's opinion is expressed in The Watchtower." Watchtower magazine, “Taught of God”, 11/1/31, paragraph 19 “The...
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    The Circle And JW's

    )Something I wrote some years ago) The Circle and JWs (this will work for any cult or cult-like group): Picture a circle for the group called the JWs. Everything and everyone outside that circle is taught by the leaders and believed by the followers to be not safe/not of God/bad/sinful/of the...