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  1. ziapueblo

    Should Christians watch "The Choosen" considering...

    I think its a great show (I'm Eastern Orthodox). The Chosen YouTube channel has some great commentary which includes of course Dallas Jenkins, Bishop Robert Barron (Catholic Bishop/Word on Fire), and evangelical Christian Scripture scholar and a Jewish Rabbi.
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    Russian Identity Crisis after the Collapse of Communism.

    @Theophilos Good points
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    Alleluia and Behold the Bridegroom (Arabic)

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    The Righteous Joseph

    1st Bridegroom 6 – 7:30pm (MST) The Passion of the Savior begins today, with the service presenting the righteous Joseph from the Old Testament as a prefiguring of Christ. Joseph was sold for thirty pieces of silver by his brothers out of jealousy, but he later came to power in Egypt and saved...
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    Palm Sunday

    Blessed Palm Sunday to those celebrating today and blessed Pascha to the rest of my brothers and sisters in Christ!
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    Shall we CONTINUE in sin that grace might abound ?

    Yes, they do. Yes, infants are baptized. True
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    Shall we CONTINUE in sin that grace might abound ?

    @Predestined What Christian faith tradition do you belong to, if I may ask?
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    Shall we CONTINUE in sin that grace might abound ?

    I was out of town a couple of weeks ago and we went to church with my wife's cousin and her family. They are Baptist and we are Orthodox. The preachers sermon was on sin and he spoke of sin in the same manner, that is, before becoming Christians we were sinners. He used the analogy of a white...
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    Shall we CONTINUE in sin that grace might abound ?

    My wife and I are in a book club at Church and reading book called How to Be a Sinner. It's a great book (don't let the title get to you lol) and is about the fact that we are sinners. When we understand this, we will actually be more humble, less likely to judge others and happier people doing...
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    Shall we CONTINUE in sin that grace might abound ?

    This is why we must confess our sins and make repentance a daily habit.
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    Faith Alone

    Amen ☦️ Amen and I continually pray that I stay on the strait and narrow path.
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    Faith Alone

    A less sophisticated translation of the text: "Truly truly I say to you the [one] the word of Me hearing (akouōn) and believing (pisteuōn) the [One] having sent Me he has life eternal and into judgement not comes but has passed out of death into life." The Greek present participles for...
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    Russian Identity Crisis after the Collapse of Communism.

    Hopefully there will be peace soon. I really like Patriarch Kirill, but his support for this war is disheartening, and, I must say, frightening.
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    Do you know any Catholic evangelists?

    There are plenty (I'm Orthodox by the way). Probably the most popular Catholic evangelist right now is Bishop Baron and his Word on Fire ministry. You also have people like Scott Hahn, Steve Ray, among others.
  15. ziapueblo

    Sola Scriptura from and Orthodox perspective

    The Christian Church has used the "apocrypha" from the beginning. These text are found in the Septuagint, which is the Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures. The Septuagint is the text that is quoted 90% of the time, or more, by the New Testament authors. Key phrase here, "works of the...
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    The Feast of the Meeting of the Lord

    Beautiful rendition of one of the hymns for the feast:
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    Did Ignatius of Antioch affirm the papacy

    St Ignatius may be saying that the Bishop of Rome is presiding in love. We Orthodox do not have problem with this. However, the quote posted above does not affirm papal supremacy, which is what I assume the person you are dialoguing with is wanting you to think.
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    John 6

    Jesus is not speaking figuratively.
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    John 6

    If John 6 ended on verse 33, we Orthodox would agree that the Eucharist is only symbolic, but it does not end there. First, if Christ is clearing things up here, then He is a horrible teacher because shortly after this, in verse 66, "After this many of his disciples drew back and no longer went...