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  1. Rachel Redux

    The rapture/the great falling away

    Here's my concern. Most Christians believe in a pre-tribulation rapture. I, personally, believe in a Mid-tribulation rapture. Scripture promises that we won't have to endure the wrath of God but God's wrath is the seven last plagues. The first seven are Satan's wrath. Rev. 12:12 We'll probably...
  2. Rachel Redux

    WoF and Healing

    I was remembering when I considered myself to be WoF and I listened to Billye Brim whenever she was a guest of Gloria Copeland. I loved this woman, who was a protégé of Kenneth Hagin, and hung on her every word. I distinctly remember her saying that believers can lay hands on themselves and...
  3. Rachel Redux

    Copeland and supply chain

    Every day there's a new article about the supply chain and how food prices (and everything else) is about to skyrocket. Supposedly it will be hard to buy Christmas gifts, etc. At the risk of being ridiculed, I'll just ask what may be a very naive question.... Why can't we just pretend its...
  4. Rachel Redux


    This looks so insanely good to me! I think I'll make it even though I'm only a lowly Gentile. The only thing I'd do differently is to wash the beans and barley.
  5. Rachel Redux

    I wonder if Copeland heard about

    ...the man in Texas who says God told him at a Bible study to look for 3 year-old Christopher Ramirez and he would find him? If we're close enough to God, He'll use us for His glory...
  6. Rachel Redux

    WoF and smart TVs

    Kenneth Copeland has a smart TV. Okay, this happened to me over the weekend... I don't remember why we were talking about it, but I was telling my daughter about how when we lived in Arizona, I was dating a Navajo guy and he believed that Navajo ancestors were snakes. He wouldn't wear...
  7. Rachel Redux

    Aaron and the Golden Calf

    It isn't much of a mystery why Aaron gave in and made the golden calf - I'm sure he feared for his life when the Hebrews descended upon him demanding that he "make gods to go before us" (Exodus 32) when Moses took so long to come down from the mountain. And after a bit more study, I realize that...
  8. Rachel Redux

    UFO over California

    The latest UFO discussion on Today show.
  9. Rachel Redux

    Jews and the holocaust

    Since I was a child I'll sometimes see these old reruns of a TV program called Hogan's Heroes. I don't really like the show but somehow I became aware that one of the actors on the show, Robert Clary, is a real-life holocaust survivor. He was one of 14 children and all of his family perished...
  10. Rachel Redux


    I was just wondering if the SDA here follow a vegetarian or pescatarian diet? I've become almost entirely pescatarian and following a mostly Mediterranean diet (I did say mostly. I will definitely have turkey on Thanksgiving!) And I've been eating only clean fish for years anyway. I think it's...
  11. Rachel Redux


    I was trying to research Noachide Law and whether it was really what the early God fearers mentioned in the Bible practiced. However, I was surprised to learn that there are modern Noachide communities, evidently founded by Orthodox Rabbis in Israel. [The modern Noahide movement was founded in...
  12. Rachel Redux

    Jewish women and wigs

    I have a question...not intended to be facetious. Why do some Jewish women - maybe just Orthodox - wear wigs to cover their own hair? I mean, if they are covering their hair to make them less attractive to men, why put a nice wig on?
  13. Rachel Redux

    Preview my post

    I can't figure out how to preview my post or change font color.