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    The problem of morality

    So I've had this ongoing discussion with another poster about morality. The other poster assures me that morality is personal. Here is a question I asked and the response from the other poster: No. I don't. The person I am, with my upbringing would never agree that slavery was moral. Morality...
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    Is this person a bigot or a transphobe or fill in the blank

    So I've asked a question that only one poster on this entire site has had the courage to answer directly. That poster and I disagree on just about everything but I've always respected that poster very much because no matter what they have always been straight forward. Since no one else has had...
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    Leftist education

    I think it's safe to say that education in America has been dominated for decades by leftists. I have a sneaking suspicion that this leftist education is a contributing factor to the increasing number of school shootings at least since Columbine. I think the moral relativism touted by the left...
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    Hitler Slavery and Abortion

    I like how accurate the comparisons of pro choicers are to Nazi and slave owners.
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    What is a woman?

    I think this clears it up,vid:VXLqhCcS_Tw,st:0
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    Selective outrage

    As I have always said the left only cares about dead children of it helps them advance their cause. I wonder if one or two of them experience any ambivalence about seeing the dead children but really being excited that they can now use their deaths to screech about gun control. I would say it...
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    Nothing is immoral unless...

    Just to update everyone, after lengthy discussions with one our esteemed leftist colleagues I have learned that killing Jews, "Or indeed, any other moral subject you care to name. Glad to be of help." are not immoral in and of themselves but only if people think they are. I think this...
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    A man? A woman?

    So we have been told that a man or a woman is defined as anyone who sincerely believes they are a man or a woman and also I suppose both or neither. I suspect that is true as we have fluid and non binary right? Great. The question I can't seem to get the crackhead leftists on this site to...
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    Definitions: man/woman male/female

    So there is a poster on these boards who claims a man is anyone who "sincerely believes" they are a man. When asked to define what a man is the poster says that is the definition. BTW the poster also claims that dictionary definitions are only for school children. Now I suspect the poster is...
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    How Brandon's incompetence is destroying us

    This is a great read and spot on. I especially like the last paragraph. Brandon and the imbeciles involved in this administration are hell bent on destroying America. Im not sure if it's on purpose or by accident but either way this idiot is killing us. It's bad when you have bezos disagreeing...
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    Summer of rage

    So our little friends on the left side of the aisle, you know who I'm talking about, the "defenders of democracy" have threatened that unless they get their way this will be the summer of rage and they be "ungovernable" until. They get their way. Remind me why we shouldn't view them as animals...
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    Cori Bush thinks Brandon doesn't say abortion often enough

    Apparently Brandon doesn't use the word abortion often enough for Cori Bush's taste. This is a common technique of the left to repeat a word over and over again so that it becomes meaningless, just sound and then people become complacent. Maybe it's time we do what the leftists do and change the...
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    In wake of the recent leftist leak about Roe v Wade I looked up some info about adoption. I hear blood lust leftists all the time that no one cares about these unwanted babies so killing them is the best option. That's blood lust for you. Here is some info. Take special note where is says only...
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    Forgiveness of sins

    Did Jesus give the apostles the authority not forgive sins?
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    Get rid of the department in of education

    I have been saying this for years. I would love to have someone tell me why this is a bad idea. There are a few other departments we don't need but that's for another thread.
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    More foolishness by phony tony (part 2)

    This time phone Tony has help from his other hobbit friend Bilbo Reich. What's best about this is they are actually arguing for unelected bureaucrats having total decision making power over how people live their lives. In the...
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    Conflict in Ukraine resolved

    This is s EXACTLY what's needed to bring to peace to the Ukraine, Angelina Jolie apparently thought it was necessary for her to visit Ukraine. I'm pretty certain everyones life there has been dramatically improved by her presence. I mean who wouldn't want that...
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    Trouble in paradise

    It's seems Obama bin laden has lost some followers on the Twitter I feel so bad. I think I have to take the rest of the day off to recuperate.
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    More phone tony foolishness

    Leftist still won't be able to figure out why less and less people trust phony tony. This supposed doctor can't utter a clear understandable statement but we're suppose to trust him about the pandemic...
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    Wonder if Musk has enough leftover for Disney

    Looks like the woke corporate heads of Disney have stepped in it. The idiots thought they could say and do whatever they like and no one should have anything to say about it. Isn't that just like a leftist though? Maybe people are actually starting to wake up...