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  1. jonathan_hili

    To all my Catholic brothers and sisters...

    I'd like to invite all my Catholic brothers and sisters to say a prayer this week or a rosary for more harmony and less discord on these forums. May the peace, love and joy of Christ shine through us all and bring more people in the world to know him and his beautiful, sacred heart.
  2. jonathan_hili

    Blessed Easter

    Hope all the Catholics, evangelical Christians and all others on here have a blessed Easter season! God be close to you, keep you and bring you abundant joy in life!
  3. jonathan_hili

    How do we understand "faith"?

    In what sense is "faith" understood in the NT? Is it presented as an object given my God (a noun) or is it presented as an action, something one does (a verb), or a combination of both. I think this kind of question is important for so many theological reasons. I'll post below Balshan's comments...
  4. jonathan_hili

    Thoughts on Saint Joseph.

    I'm just beginning a Lenten reflection session at a couple of parishes on St Joseph - being the Year of Saint Joseph in the Catholic world - where, as part of a consecration, we meditate on the virtues, actions and character of Joseph. I'd like to hear how Protestants/evangelicals view him...
  5. jonathan_hili

    Catholicism and community

    Do you think there is a general distinction between how Catholicism and Protestantism understand the communal life of faith?
  6. jonathan_hili

    The genre of the opening chapters of Genesis.

    Although I'm not wedded to this interpretation, I do think it's the most plausible based on intertextual evidence, other ancient texts, the mixed interpretation of the text over history, and scientific evidence of macroevolution, namely, that the creation account in Genesis is essentially...
  7. jonathan_hili

    What is the Church for?

    I'm curious to know what people on this forum think about the Church's purpose in the world. Clearly, establishing the Church - the called out community of God - was central to Christ's mission, but why? What is the Church for?