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  1. Beloved Daughter

    [B]Beyond Textbook approval, here come the teachers and librarians:[/B]

    Educators Weigh In on Summer Reading Lists in SLJ/NCTE survey | School Library Journal Books that school librarians was to remove from summer reading recommendations: To Kill a Mockingbird Shakespeare's WORKS The Great Gatsby Hatchet The Catcher in the Rye The Outsiders Lord of the...
  2. Beloved Daughter

    It's still not safe to go outside.
  3. Beloved Daughter

    Andy Stanley at it again. I’m not a huge Andy Stanley fan, to say the least. He likes to stir things up by throwing evangelicals under the bus in an effort to reach those who doubt, who are departing, those who are deconstructing and leaving the...
  4. Beloved Daughter

    Jordan Peterson I am not an atheist anymore.

    Jordan Peterson on his belief in God.
  5. Beloved Daughter

    The Legacy Standard Bible

    I have ordered the new Legacy Standard Bible. There might even be something the KJVO's could appreciate in it. God Bless!
  6. Beloved Daughter

    Has anyone purchased the Legacy Bible?

    I'm looking forward to receiving mine.
  7. Beloved Daughter

    In the grip of a very bad idea September 11

    Andrew Klavan on the culture explains 9/11
  8. Beloved Daughter

    Prayer request to warm the heart

    This terrific little boy has a preacher somewhere in his life.
  9. Beloved Daughter

    No, our goal is not reducing abortions.

    Pro-life hardens its message. It's time to imprison murderers and thieves. They start with a tweet from a supposed gospel singer' Some excerpts: Now, any Bible believing Christian who has spent more than an hour on the...
  10. Beloved Daughter

    More from Matt Slick on King James Onlyism Part 3

    History or conspiracy? Another important distinction between different King James Onlyist groups is whether or not they attempt to build their case on history or on alleged conspiracies. Some King James Onlyist will try to make their case in ways such as: “While the TR manuscripts are not as...
  11. Beloved Daughter

    More from Matt Slick on King James Onlyism Part 2

    The English or the underlying Greek? One of the key distinctions between different types of King James Only advocates is whether or not they believe that infallibility ultimately lies in the Greek and Hebrew manuscripts from which the KJV was originally translated or whether the infallibility...
  12. Beloved Daughter

    More from Matt Slick on King James Onlyism

    What is King James Onlyism by Luke Wayne | Oct 31, 2018 | Minor Groups & Issues, King James Onlyism “King James Onlyism” refers to any ideology that demands that all Christians (or at least all English-speaking Christians) must use the King James Version of the Bible exclusively. King James...
  13. Beloved Daughter

    Psalm 12:6 and King James Onlyism, by Matt Slick

    Purified seven times: Psalm 12:6 and King James Onlyism | Psalm 12:6 and King James Onlyism by Luke Wayne | May 7, 2021 | Minor Groups & Issues, King James Onlyism A common argument among some King James Onlyists is to claim that Psalm 12:6 affirms the King James Bible as the most...
  14. Beloved Daughter

    Pelosi and the Eucharist.

    Let's see what the RCC will actually do in the midst of statements such as this by Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone, where Pelosi worships. Pelosi's archbishop calls for Communion to be withheld from public figures supporting abortion rights | TheHill The archbishop of San Francisco, Rev...
  15. Beloved Daughter

    The war on drugs

    My brother sent me this. It's spot on and shows the absurdity politician talking points.
  16. Beloved Daughter

    Prayer for our long term friend Darin

    Darin was a co-worker with my parents. He was a Fire Control Technician in the Navy. This skill can place a cruise missile on the side of a door frame instead of harm/death of many people. I grew up loving and respecting him. Today, I learned that he is on home/hospice care for a serious...
  17. Beloved Daughter

    What's going on in the Southern Baptist Convention?

    I often read SBC Voices. They seem to be running headlong into a split regarding critical race theory, the Seminary Presidents, etc! I understand that they were called the 'Battlin Baptists' for a reason. I've long since left the SBC behind but it seems they are just looking for division...
  18. Beloved Daughter

    Question for Lutherans on the Eucharist.

    Can one of you help me to understand the difference between the Lutheran 'real presence' and the Catholic/Orthodox 'real presence'?
  19. Beloved Daughter

    Peter Ruckman on abortion

    Disgraceful behavior from a man who claims(ed) to love God.
  20. Beloved Daughter

    Catholic Relief Services funds abortion

    Catholic Relief Services funds and supports abortion. Shameful. What say you Catholics?