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    Nyango Star covers AI Kittens

    So... the following is a drum cover of a song produced by feeding Rage Against the Machine riffs into a neural net, performed by a dead cat inhabiting the body of a Japanese apple. Enjoy!
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    Russell's Criticisms of Christianity & Jesus

    This is primarily for @cjab, though of course anyone can participate. I will start by summarizing the main points Russell raises in his well-known short essay Why I am not a Christian. The full text can be read here or here. It should be noted that this was originally delivered as a speech to a...
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    You might be irrationally biased if...'re more worried about dying from a Covid vaccine (serious adverse reactions measured in cases per million) than from Covid itself (mortality measured in cases per thousand).
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    Criteria for IBE

    What are the general criteria by which one can reasonably say that one theory is better than another? Please try to keep it general, i.e. any criteria mentioned should be applicable to any case of theory evaluation.
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    Sam Harris & Rener Gracie on Police Training & Reform

    There's a really good podcast here for those interested in the topic: Some of the key points I took away from it are that new US police are currently given less training than cosmetologists or hairdressers, and far less than...
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    Left and Right

    It seems both the left and the right want to demonize each other without paying any attention to what the other side is saying. The assumption on both sides seems to be that the other side has nothing of value to contribute and that everything would be solved in US politics if the other side...
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    Pro-tips for Internet Discussion

    #1: Try to find and acknowledge something in your opponent's post that you agree with. It shows that you are listening to what they are saying, and making a genuine effort to see things from their point of view, rather than just instantly dismissing everything they say. It will make your...
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    The Inconsistent Terconian Triad

    From Tercon: 1. Nothing is knowable without or outside of our believing minds. 2. Reality extends beyond my mind. But it is still a mind; it's God's mind. 3. I know that God's mind exists. Clearly these are mutually inconsistent. At most, two of the above three claims can be true. If nothing...
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    Reaction Score?

    What does it mean, and how is it calculated? @4Him
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    So what is Astromony anyway?

    And is it related to astronomy?
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    CS Lewis Quote: EAAN

    CS Lewis' formulation of the Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism (EAAN): The problem with this crude formulation of the argument is that it completely fails to acknowledge the non-random role of selection in evolution. Of course a purely random event is highly unlikely to produce a...
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    Explaining Explanation

    Someone asked recently what atheists think. Well, here is a bit about what this particular atheist thinks (edited from a thread on the previous forums). What is explanation? I find that many unthinkingly assume that everything must have an explanation, and that any answer to a 'why' question...