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  1. Gus Bovona

    How did Paul know it was Jesus?

    I'm not sure I've ever seen this issue raised here, nor anywhere else. I read someone saying that Bart Ehrman brought up this point: how did Paul know it was Jesus that he saw on the road to Damascus? Presumably Paul had never met Jesus before his vision of Jesus. Did he just automatically...
  2. Gus Bovona

    My local atheist organization

    Here’s a bit of an introduction to the local atheist organization to which I belong. I’m going to keep some details private in order to protect the guilty. If there is anything you’d like to know, ask away, but I may decline to answer for privacy. My local atheist group formed in 2010 as a...
  3. Gus Bovona

    Single best evidence for common descent

    I'd like to ask those who have some knowledge or expertise in evolution to comment and modify (evolve? hah!) the following, which is a simplification of the double nested hierarchy explanation at talkorigins. The most essential piece of evidence for common descent is that the nested hierarchy...
  4. Gus Bovona

    Darwin's letter to his critic

    Just heard about a letter that Darwin wrote to a critic of On the Origin of Species. Darwin shows the exact right attitude and approach you should take if you are interested in the truth.
  5. Gus Bovona

    Solution to the problem of induction

    What do you think about this solution to the problem of induction? From Richard Carrier,
  6. Gus Bovona

    The condition of necessity

    Evolution necessarily predicts that certain patterns of similarities and differences in organisms will be observed, and necessarily predicts that other patterns of similarities and differences will not be observed. To my knowledge, the design claim however, does not necessarily predict the...
  7. Gus Bovona

    How do we PM another member?

    Is it possible to send a private message to another member? Or even a message that is not private but isn't in a thread like a post, but is merely on the member's profile or something similar?
  8. Gus Bovona

    Delete alerts that have been read?

    it's convenient to not have the list of all alerts contain all alerts, even those that have been read, because then you have to figure out which alert has been read and which has been not.