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  1. rossum

    Throwing 1,000 Consecutive Heads

    Can we throw 1,000 consecutive heads on a fair coin? Yes, providing we go the right way about it. The raw chance is low, 1 in 2^1000, but it can be done. Start with 5,000 blank cards, plus a lot more spare cards. And pens, we'll need pens to write on the cards. Plus, of course, a coin to toss...
  2. rossum

    DeSantis signs Florida 'woke' bill

    With the new 'Don't say gay' law in Florida, Grade School teachers are going to have to change the way they address children. All children now have the pronoun 'they', since 'boy', 'he', girl', and 'she' are promoting a specific gender identity. For the same reason, teachers are now no longer...
  3. rossum

    Unfair to Boys!

    MTG wants Pete Buttigieg to put electric cars in girls' bathrooms. Unfair! Boys want electric cars in their bathrooms too. Why should girls have all the best toys? See Marjorie Taylor Greene Goes Off In Rant Against Pete Buttigieg.
  4. rossum

    Pelosi for President

    Well, hooda thunkit! Nikki Haley supports Pelosi for President! She tweeted: "If Joe Biden loved our country, he would step down and take Kamala Harris with him because the foreign and domestic policy situation is beyond dangerous at this point" American Constitution 101: Who becomes...
  5. rossum

    An Opportunity for Intelligent Design

    A coin of the Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate has been found in England. The coin is damaged. One expert says the damage is deliberate while a different expert says the damage is accidental. This is an opportunity for the ID side to use their design detection methods to determine whether or...
  6. rossum

    Less than a Month to go

    It is now August, the month when we have been promised that President Trump will be reinstated. I am sure that many of you are excitedly anticipating this momentous event. Just think of the looks of the faces of all those Democrats working so hard to prepare for 'National Schadenfreude Day'...
  7. rossum

    Ennio Morricone Westerns

    Ennio Morricone was Italian, so was Sergio Leone. The films are American Westerns. And the orchestra is... Danish. A Fistful of Dollars For a Few Dollars More The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and the masterpiece: Once Upon a Time in the West. Look out for Tuva Semmingsen (who is Norwegian)...
  8. rossum

    Should all good conservatives, all pro-life people and all people who reject lgbt behaviors give every penny they get and own to President Trump for

    Should all good conservatives, all pro-life people and all people who reject lgbt behaviors give every penny they get and own to President Trump for his reelection? Some people say that.
  9. rossum

    Cancel Culture in Texas

    Cancel Culture is raising its head in Texas. Why doesn't the GOP do something about it? Oh... Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick admits he told state museum to cancel 'Forget the Alamo' book event. Looks like Cancel Culture has taken over the Republican Party.
  10. rossum

    is God immutable

    It is not my opinion, it is standard Buddhism. Nirvana is not non-existence. The Buddha attained nirvana at age 35; he died age 80. For 45 years he was living in the world while at the same time in nirvana. So, we have a two-part God. One part is immutable and does not change while the...
  11. rossum

    Flu Deaths Dropped 97 Percent in 2020

    Masks work. Hand washing works. Social distancing works. They work against flu as well as against Covid. See Flu Deaths Dropped 97 Percent in 2020.
  12. rossum

    The Courage of Senator Ron Johnson

    I want to praise the courage of Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis). He is unable to read. Rather than hide this he has gone public about it by requesting the Senate clerks to read the entire Coronavirus relief bill out loud in its entirety, so making it clear he is unable to read it for himself...
  13. rossum

    Senator Cruz (R-Cancun) visits Texas

    You would think that an experienced politician like Ted Cruz would know better than to make such an obvious misstep. See here for more details. Apparently, before he left for Mexico he told Texans to stay in their homes. Not a good look, Ted.
  14. rossum

    God is not a Designer

    God is omniscient. He knows everything: past, present and future. It is as if His 'memory' extended into the future as well as the past. In effect a sort of omni-google from which God can retrieve anything at will. A designer starts from a blank page and adds things to the page to create the...
  15. rossum

    How wrong is YEC?

    Young Earth creationism is wrong, but how wrong? YEC says that the universe is 6,000 years old. Astronomy and cosmology say that the universe is 13.5 billion years old. That is a difference of a factor 13,500,000,000 / 6,000 = 2,250,000. The distance from New York to San Francisco is 2,600...