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    It's a movement.

    Indiana becomes first state in nation to approve near-total abortion ban post Roe. ban abortion
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    ID is evitable.

    The scientific theory of Intelligent Design is not a faith based doctrine but rather a scientific based theory that posits that our existence came from some intelligent agent rather than unguided random processes (naturalism). They do not claim to know the identity of this designing agent and...
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    NASA delivers first JWST image

    This was delivered Monday: JWST
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    Does Darwinian Theory Make the Same Predictions as Intelligent Design?

    I especially like the final statement: "Under an ID paradigm, debates over whether to investigate junk DNA would have ended much sooner with an emphatic “Yes!,” furthering our knowledge of...
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    A positive case for ID other than critizing evolution

    The scientific theory of Intelligent Design does more than simply criticize evolution, it presents a positive case for design. Link
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    The origin of life: Cell membranes.

    Video Just got this in my e-mail today. I figured I would pass it on. It explains how the seemingly simple membrane is not all that simple and none of the laboratory produced membranes do it justice.
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    There is no tree of life

    One of the last strongholds for the arguments used by Darwin proponents here bites the dust.
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    Lenski's LTEE - Evidence of ID

    In the LTEE, each day, 1% of each population is transferred to a flask of fresh growth medium and they were given modest amounts of nourishment to ensure the survival of the fittest. Under these conditions, each population experienced 6.64 generations, each day. This has resulted in 73,500...
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    Randam mutations must be intelligent How do you pass this off as the appearance of design? This is a process that had to exist at the very inception of cells. Otherwise there would be no cells today...
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    Still no fossils

    Another short 14 minute video:
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    Darwin's nightmare

    Besides the fact that evolution has no explanation for the Origin of Life, it has bigger Darwin fish to fry.
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    Does Tree-Like Data Refute Intelligent Design?

    The ability to fit a set of data into a “treelike” pattern is not necessarily incompatible with intelligent design. Nonetheless, it’s clear that a lot of data does not fit a treelike pattern. Computer scientist Winston Ewert applied the concept of “common design” to propose a “dependency graph”...
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    It's getting harder and harder to dismiss Intelligent Design

    "Although the majority of scientists still insist that it must be possible to explain everything in science without the God hypothesis, it is becoming harder and harder to dismiss intelligent design as unscientific and its supporters as ignorant, as a glance at the endorsers of Meyer’s book will...
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    How Engineers Helped Save Biology from Evolutionary Theory

    "One of the least appreciated contributions of evolutionary theory to biological studies has been to slow its progress. In my last three articles (here, here, here), I explained how the theory predicts that living systems should not appear designed to achieve purposeful goals. And any semblance...
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    End of the Road for the Intelligent Design Debate?

    The Tide Shifts Yet, at a practical level, the tide of the debate appears to be decisively shifting. A review of the journal articles generated by systems biologists reveals how design assumptions increasingly dominate research into the higher-level organization of life. Part and parcel with...
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    Long time agnostic, Neil Thomas, takes leave of Darwin.

    Just Released: New Book by Longtime Agnostic Who Has Abandoned Darwin...
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    Abused as a teen

    Rodney reluctantly walked into the marriage counselor's office with his wife and her long list of character flaws that she had dotted down on the 20 minute trip over. Unfortunately for Rodney she was the first one up and after hearing the long list of flaws, the counselor turned to Rodney and...