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    A Sledgehammer taken to the dishonesty of Ellen White?

    Last week I read an article in a local newspaper about an author that had written a book about Ellen White which had information few individuals familiar with Ellen would have known. I was skeptical. Last night I finished listening to about 4 hours worth of this guy presentation and can say I...
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    Question about Martin Luther

    Disclaimer: I am Roman Catholic. Now, that that's out of the way I have a question about Martin Luther's teaching about the 3rd Commandment (the Sabbath). I'm having a discussion with a nondenominational Christian who claims (and in all honesty appears) to have some extensive knowledge of...
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    Atonement on the cross Doctrine is a destructive error?

    “Another error, even more generally endorsed than any of the foregoing, is the doctrine of the atonement on the cross. This also furnishes another support for Unitarianism. The Scriptures plainly teach that Christ died for all men. Now if his death on the cross was the atonement, then the sins...
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    SDA misapplication of Scripture about the soul's natural immortality

    This specific misapplication of Scripture is found in theologically "Arian" or "Semi-Arian" sects such as the Jehovah's Witnesses, Christadelphians, WWCOG 7th day, etc. In the case of Seventh-day Adventism the inception of this idea is articulated by Ellen White. Ellen White "The only one...
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    Pertaining to SDA teaching on those who have died

    Do SDA's accept that Noah, Jacob, Isaac, the Prophet Daniel and others who died in God's friendship COULD BE conscious and in heaven or do these individuals also have to undergo the Investigative Judgement and wait for the Resurrection of the body? Thanks
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    The very best of wishes

    Just a wish for everyone to have a great Christmas... ...For those who've experienced great loss - may God grant each and everyone of you peace & hope. ...God Bless!