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  1. Marcha

    Do you feel the Lord all of the time?

    i want to be able to. I once had that too
  2. Marcha

    i have a problem when i pray

    i get speechless be cause I know he knows before i say it. So i think it and I'm sure He understands. Is that intersession of the holy spirit?
  3. Marcha

    How has The Holy Spirit changed you?

    Changed your nature etc.
  4. Marcha

    Isaiah 49 discussion

    I want to study this scripture. I would like some sharing of thought. I have lots of questions.
  5. Marcha

    A thread for Ex-Catholics

    My upbringing was bruised by the RCC. For one thing, the first confession trauma
  6. Marcha

    My father has dementia

    would like to meet people who have gone through this with a loved one for prayer and friendship
  7. Marcha

    Loved ones with dementia

    would like to meet some for talk, prayer and friendship. My dad was recenly diagnosed.