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  1. Theophilos

    Both the Bible and Quantum Mechanics requires and logically entails a believing mind.

    Recent quantum experiments show that contradictory results are possible for different observers. Reality is observer-dependent. The nature of God is mystery. The conventional explanation is that He exists outside of space and time is not an observer in the quantum sense. Creation of an...
  2. Theophilos

    Both the Bible and Quantum Mechanics requires and logically entails a believing mind.

    You may be interested in this link from Alexander Poltorak, an Orthodox Jewish Phyisicist. He uses quantum mechanics to reconcile the age of the universe implied in Genesis to that implied from the Big Bang theory. The basic idea that the universe was nothing but a probability function until...
  3. Theophilos

    Republicans will be hunted

    It looks like Biden’s rants about MAGA Republicans being dangerous extremists who are enemies of the republic has had its desired effect: Enter the Capitol and they will put you away for months without bail. Run down and kill a Republican and you are back out on the street. Scott Adams was...
  4. Theophilos

    Blessed Feast of the Venerable and Life-Giving Cross

    The 1812 Overture contains a version of the same hymn. When my kids were in the public school, there was a ban on Christmas carols because they were too religious. I had to chuckle when I heard the marching band play the Russian hymn as part of the 1812 Overture.
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    On Believing God Changes His Mind about His Decisions...

    Perhaps the issue is that humans have free will. They are free to respond to God's call, and their choice has consequences. . . . God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way; and God relented from the disaster that He had said He would bring upon them, and He did not do it...
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    Jerome and the Apocrypha

    The surviving Greek codices that predate Jerome's translation (Vaticanus and Sinaiticus) include Judith and Tobit in the Old Testament.
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    Trump takes the fifth in NY deposition

    Remember when blatantly political selective prosecution only existed in Putin's Russia and other authoritarian states? Consider these comments about a conviction of a Putin political opponent:
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    Jerome and the Apocrypha

    The quote from Jerome is consistent with how he referenced other scripture. It also shows that he supported Catholic/Orthodox practices of almsgiving and prayers for the dead, and he used the quote from Sirach to support the practice. Jerome was not a bishop. While he expressed some...
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    Jerome and the Apocrypha

    Yes, context is important. Consider this passage from Jerome, letter 66 to Pammachius, where he quotes Sirach as scripture to support the value of alms giving and prayers for the departed:
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    Here is a list of possible crimes by Trump

    The FBI believes it is above the law. They have been too busy to arrest people trying to intimidate supreme court justices outside their homes, but they continue to throw the book at J6 grandmas. Now they send 30 heavily armed agents to pick up papers at Trump's home. The FBI/DOJ program of...
  11. Theophilos

    Here is a list of possible crimes by Trump

    The FBI raid is the stuff of fascist dictatorships and Putin's Russia. Trump gave 15 boxes of documents to the archives back in February. The search warrant and the raid massive overkill and unnecessary...
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    Why Does the Catholic Church call Angels, Saints?

    Yes, the Greek word that is frequently translated as "saints" literally means "holy ones". English translations sometimes translate the same word as "holy angels" or "saints" or "holy prophets" depending on the context.
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    Update on Russia/Oil July 2022

    Yes. To say Biden is lame duck is charitable at this point. His only recent accomplishment has been to but Brandan Falls on the map.
  14. Theophilos

    Update on Russia/Oil July 2022

    The Biden foreign policy has been to shout loudly while carrying a small stick. The US has been winning the disinformation war, but no amount of lies and spin will explain away cold, hunger, and empty fuel tanks. Things could get very ugly this winter unless there a major change in the policies...
  15. Theophilos

    Update on Russia/Oil July 2022

    The rise in oil prices more than offsets the reduction in oil output. Russia makes more money by selling less oil. For Russia, it is a win-win at least in the short run. Western Europe is realizing that they looking at a cold, dark winter if Russia retaliates against by cutting oil and gas...
  16. Theophilos

    Democrat threats to ignore the Supreme Court abortion decision

    Biden appears to be trying to follow the footsteps of Andrew Jackson, a founder of the Democratic Party, in his showdown with the Supreme Court. Jackson infamously ignored the Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Cherokee tribe. He went on to expel the Cherokees in the Trail of Tears...
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    The wedding of Cana shows that Mary is able to intercede with Jesus: Icons are reminders that saints are still interceding for us even after their earthly life.
  18. Theophilos

    Russian update June

    I suspect that a corruption tax is also a factor. California not connected to pipelines to the rest of the country, so it is has an isolated market with a lot of state and local regulation. Moving through the morass may require a lot of grease in the right places.
  19. Theophilos

    Russian update June

    Yes, Russia is selling its oil at a discount compared to other oil suppliers. On the other hand, world prices for oil have gone up so much that Russia is still making more money while selling less oil. The main effect of the sanctions on Russian oil it to penalize consumers with high energy...
  20. Theophilos

    Ukraine Update, Inflation Crisis & Political Upheaval

    Putin is running circles around Biden and the other bumbling leaders of the west. The news that Russia has won the war on the ground and is winning the economic war is gradually seeping into reports from Europe and the US. There could be major changes in the governments of NATO countries the...