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  1. Theophilos

    Is the Creator really the Simulator?

    It looks like many scientists and non-religious persons have adopted a form intelligent design. The basic idea is that the universe as we know it some sort of simulation on some sort of extremely powerful computer. The Simulation Theory has become popular in recent years based on the rapid...
  2. Theophilos

    Knowledge of mysteries in the Bible

    Two common words, "know" and "mystery", appear in English translations of the Bible, but they do not fully agree with the connotations in Greek. The resulting misunderstanding can be profound. English is unusual in that it uses the verb, "to know" to refer to knowledge gained by experience as...
  3. Theophilos

    Romans 11 and the elect

    Paul compares the people of God to an olive tree in Romans Chapter 11. The Jews formed the original tree, but those who did not accept Christ are branches that have been broken off. In their place gentile believers have been grafted. Gentiles are warned that they too can be broken off unless...
  4. Theophilos

    Liberal journalist, Glenn Greenwald, warns of unholy alliance between Democrats and deep state

    Liberal journalist, Glenn Greenwald, outlined the existential threat to American democracy from an unholy alliance of Democrats, Bush-era neo-cons, Silicon Valley, and the mainstream media under the control of the surveillance state. He is concerned that a Democratic victory could establish an...