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    Biden caused COVID?

    Another poster has said he believes "Biden, and his cohorts" created COVID with a view to destroy the US economy, and so defeat Trump. I am wondering what the evidence is behind this claim.
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    Correlation between Education and Evolution

    Findings from a recent Pew Research Center survey indicates better education is correlated with belief in evolution. More educated adults are often more likely to accept theory of evolution People’s beliefs about evolution also vary with their level of education. Across 18 of 20 publics, those...
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    That prophecy in Isaiah 7

    As Christmas approaches it is interesting to look at the supposed prophecy of a virgin birth in Isaiah 7. Isaiah 7:1 Now it came about in the days of Ahaz, the son of Jotham, the son of Uzziah, king of Judah, that Rezin the king of Aram and Pekah the son of Remaliah, king of Israel, went up to...
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    Jesus IS God - The evidence from ferengi

    ferengi demands evidence from others whilst refusing to do so herself so often that I was amazed to see she had started a thread actually giving evidence for her beliefs. Unfortunately, it is in a forum I, as an atheist, am not allowed to post in, so I thought it would be helpful to present some...
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    Did Paul believe in a bodily resurrection?

    In the post I want to look at two very specific claims about the resurrected Jesus: Jesus was resurrected in his original body, made of flesh and blood Jesus was resurrected in a new body, made of heavenly matter The former could be called a "bodily resurrection" because it was in the...
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    Responding to "The Thomas Factor"

    SteveB linked to a book, The Thomas Factor by Gary Habermas, on another thread. You can read the book for yourself on Habermas' website for free: As an aside, I respect Habermas for doing that. Some supposed Christians are...