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  1. Redeemed

    Instructions on becoming a super member.

    Could someone point me in the right direction or explain to me how to become a super member. Can you just use a credit card or does it have to be PayPal?
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    Mormonism and the Bible

    Rightly dividing the Word of God 's is of extreme importance so you can apply the knowledge and wisdom within God's Word to your life. "God's Word is Truth" The Bible clearly teaches a supernatural foundation for truth, and a divine mandate for us to act and speak truthfully. 2 Timothy 2:. 15...
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    Offshoots of Mormonism - Where Cults Lead Us

    One cult I'm focusing on is the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. All cults can be extremely dangerous and this one ranks right up at the top. This is hard to look at and I'm sure Mormonism would like nothing better to sweep this under the rug or call foul. That's why...
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    The First Vision

    For anyone not familiar with "the first vision" allow me to fill in a few details. Keep in mind that this is from a Christian perspective and that I'm not trying to mock what's held in high regard in Mormonism. I'm going to attempt to put "the first vision" under a magnifying glass. To look at...
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    Apologetics - A Walk On The Wild Side

    The person free from the expectations of others is free to be his or her own person before God. This is genuine freedom. I was told and I read in the rules that in the Apologetics forum were free to discuss whatever we like. Of course we have to do so in a civilized manner and respect each...
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    Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons

    I'm interested in how to better understand Mormons and how best to reach them with the gospel of Jesus Christ at the center of discussion in witnessing. I would also like to learn how to witness to Mormons in truth, but also in love that they may come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and...
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    Did Jesus rise from the dead in the same body He died in?

    Well... Yes siree bob He sure did! It was the same body but it was also a glorified body. How do know? Because the Bible tells me so. The Bible teaches me that when He was raised physically, His body was a glorified body. He had the the same body, but it was different. Here's how the Bible...
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    Perseverance of The Saints

    If you think you can lose your salvation, that you're not eternally secure, that the saints don't persevere you are being deceived. The bad news about being deceived is you don't know you're being deceived because your deceived. And in trying to argue against the truth of enternal security you...
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    Sanctification oH happy Day

    In justification, adoption, and sanctification combined God gives us assurance of salvation. God actually makes us holy. That means He takes us from Satan’s kingdom to the kingdom of Christ, and and from glory to glory changes us us into the image of Christ. And the really good news for people...
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    You Can't Handle The Truth

    So what is truth? Here is a simple definition I found from what the Bible teaches: truth is that which is consistent with the mind, will, character, glory, and being of God. Even more to the point: truth is the self-expression of God. That is the biblical meaning of truth, and it is the...