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    Trump considering his own political party
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    Trump is still the President shhhhhhh..

    Ahhh. Don't tell anyone but Trump is still the President. You see he has defeated the deep state here in the US, but it goes deeper, much deeper. The only way he can fight the global satanic cannibalistic pedophile cabal is to do it covertly. So all of this inauguration today is merely show...
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    Get ready for more violence from radical Trump supporters.
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    It is over...
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    Massachusetts ban new gas cars by 2035 good/ bad/ does not matter? What do you think? interesting discuss
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    What exactly is an atheist?

    I wonder, what exactly is an atheist? Technically the word means without theism. Well I have heard many definitions of atheism but I wonder what you think? Is deism which is not theism atheism?
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    It really is over.. Thus says McConnell
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    Supreme courts response to Trumps lawsuit. Oh that is priceless.
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    I wonder if they can get Trump for fraud?
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    Confucianism instead of Taoism?

    I am surprised the forum has a category for Confucianism instead of Taoism. Taoism is world wide while Confucianism is mainly in China.