“It was about the Bible. … If I remain silent, I’m not a priest.” (Rev Ioann Burdin)


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The Rev. Ioann Burdin, Russian Orthodox Priest of the Resurrection of Christ Orthodox Church said the following about his country’s invasion of Ukraine:

“I don’t consider it possible to remain silent on this situation."
“It wasn’t about politics, it was about the Bible. … If I remain silent, I’m not a priest.”
“Blood is not only a curse to the killers [but] also to those who kept silent”
“I don’t know what was more — illiteracy or blasphemy — in the speech of the President, who tried with the Gospel words ‘there is no greater love,’ as if someone gave his life for his friends to justify the bloody madness that the whole world has been watching for the second month already.”
“What is striking, however, is the approving chorus on the part of the priesthood and some of the laity that followed this performance.”

This is in sharp contrast to Anti-Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, who was called out on his support for the war by Patriarch Bartholomew, a true Patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Mr. Kirill is sacrificing the Russian Orthodox Church on the altar of the prince of war.
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