15+ Dead In Texas School Shooting; 18-y.o. student Salvador Ramos Identified As Shooter


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Did you not notice that 18 kids were gunned down today in their school?
Do you think it unreasonable to talk about ways to prevent that from happening again?

Do you have suggestions on how to prevent that in the future, or do you think this is just collateral damage acceptable to gun toters?
I already know the latter option is what republican conservative legislators will opt for.
Yes I did offer suggestions but you're too busy being political to read what I wrote. You are a sad person


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I want to prevent future gun deaths.
Do you?
If you do, how will you accomplish that? I have already made some proposals, let's hear yours.
I offered my suggestions and you ignored them because you're too busy trying to score political points. Sad


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So what is your solution to prevent such mass murders in the future.
None of the gun toters on this thread have made a single suggestion about how to do that.

I’m not a big fan of more gun restrictions, but at least it’s something. It’s the only idea out there.