1John 5:1 regeneration before faith


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I just wanted to point out that the above is nothing but worthless rhetoric, it's nothing but a cop-out.
Rather the real copout is your refusal to engage with a number of arguments

I mean, I'm sure the poster sincerely believes it, but it is nothing but an excuse to believe that there's a reason we reject their theology, other than the fact that their theology and interpretations are wrong. You see, they can't admit that their interpretations are wrong, so they have to come up with another excuse to claim why we reject their theology, and their interpretations still be right.

You have not proven our interpretations wrong

It's rather funny how you often refuse to engage arguments but want to claim them wrong

and expect us to admit to error when you have failed to prove error

It's a classic case of projection you have their Theo


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So you think I'm you're slave, and am forced to answer all your stupid questions?
Why do you keep bullying and harassing me?
No I think you are one who makes excuses whenever you are unable to defend your theology

There you go again responding to your initiative is bullying and harrassing you

Sorry but that dog does not hunt