A gospel parable


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A drop of water lives eternally in an ocean, but extract that drop and it dissipates into nothing.

A human cell can be placed into a petri dish, hooked to an oscilloscope which registers a sporadic impulse. When an insignificant amount of cocaine is introduced into the cell right after one of these sporadic impulses, the cell will begin to produce these impulses more consistently until it sounds like a drum solo at a speed metal concert.

All cells have their preprogrammed purposes. They all have genetic code that tells them what they're supposed to do. This is the case even for cancer cells which are programmed to prevent death due to oxygen deprivation. When the cellular environment becomes overly anaerobic, cancer cells multiply until the body dies. Cancer did not kill the body, the anaerobic environment that was produced killed the body.

However, this does not mean that's it's not a good idea to cut out those cancers before they kill the body. This is not because the cancer is evil. It's just to save the body. It would have been better to not let the body get to this state in the first place, but it is what it is.

On some level, these cells have a life of their own. There are whole systems in the body that are autonomous. They run without any interference from the person who relies upon these systems to live. This doesn't mean that the person who relies upon these systems can't override them by killing themselves, or removing a limb to save themselves from a nasty case of flesh eating bacteria.

So while these cells and whole systems seem to have a life of their own, they are still part of a unified whole body, and are ultimately subservient to that body as well.

The eye sees, but the eye has no ability to comprehend what it is actually looking at. It is designed to be sensitive to light, it has muscles that can be manipulated by the brain, or just glaze over without a thought.

When it comes to awareness, an individual cell may not have quite as much as the nervous system, and the nervous system may not be quite as aware as the brain stem that receives a flood of information from it all at once. Just as each cell in an eye is senstive to light, but not as sensitive as the entire eye when exposed to light, nor the level of sensitivity that causes one to squint when they react to bright light.

When we look at this in relation to infinite awareness, it becomes a situation where the cell is dead by comparison. It has no life of its own whatsoever. Some who are intensely aware can stare into the sun with no damage to their eyes. They can override autonomous systems in their body. They can slow their heart rate, respiration, adjust their core temperature, etc. They have complete control over their body at a cellular level. The cell has no life of its own, but has life only at the will of the mind who controls it.

On some level, we are also just like those cells. We have a limited awareness or consciousness which we assume is our own, but in relation to omniscience, it is so insignificant as to be non-existent. we are essentially dead as well, especially as long as we assume that our awareness is exclusively our own.

We are like the eye which sees, but has no clue that everything it sees is being processed and interpreted by the brain. The mind sees everything the eye sees, but it is ultimately the mind that is able to comprehend what is seen. The eye has no life of its own.

More importantly, in relation to an infinite awareness, there is no such thing as limited awareness. It's just an illusion. It is a deception which creates this oxymoron of a separate, or divided individual.

And so it is with just about any and all corporate bodies, including the corporate body of Christ. Just because some aspect of Christ's body is running on its own without a thought, doesn't mean that it has been necessarily cut off. If they're doing something then they're still connected.

The light of Christ shines the brightest when it is the darkest. When one comes out of the darkness, the light illuminates the entire cosmos. There is no place to hide. There is no such thing as private property rights. There is no place for confusion. There are no secrets. There are no decisions to make. Nothing is happening in the eternal present.