A Man and His Wife


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A man and his wife checked into a hotel room. The only room available was a room located right next to the railroad tracks. After getting to the room, the wife goes out shopping while the man lies down for a nap. In about 15 minutes a train goes by, and the man is thrown out of the bed. He gets up and lies down in the bed again, and 15 minutes later another train goes by, and the man is again thrown out of the bed. This time he goes to the check-in desk to talk to the pretty attendant and complain. She does not believe him, so he says come up to my room and you'll see that I am telling the truth. So, they both go up to the room and lie down on the bed, and at that exact moment his wife walks in. "What's going on here?" she says. The man looks up at her and replies: "Believe it or not, we are waiting for a train".