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I think that a lot of people misunderstand when genuine Christians talk about hell. When Christians talk about hell, it is with the purpose of preventing people, from going there, it is not that we Christians want people to go there, we Christians warn about hell to inform people about the reality of hell to prevent people from going there.

I have seen instances where Christians having a placard warning about hell, or preaching about hell, and people becoming aggressive towards them, not understanding that Christians talk to people about hell so that they can avoid it. They have no ill intent towards persons, but are doing everything they can to prevent persons from going there.


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Have you seen the movie, God's not Dead?

There's a scene in which they talk about it.



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I talk about it extensively with atheists on this forum and they've decided to take it as manipulative, instead of trying to understand what we're talking about.

They resent the warnings, and seek to minimize the points made.