Abused as a teen

Cisco Qid

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Rodney reluctantly walked into the marriage counselor's office with his wife and her long list of character flaws that she had dotted down on the 20 minute trip over. Unfortunately for Rodney she was the first one up and after hearing the long list of flaws, the counselor turned to Rodney and sternly asked, "And you young man what do you have to say for yourself?". Rodney struggled for an answer and finally replied, "I'm sorry for being such a jerk but you see I was sexually abused in my early teen years". Rodney was pleased that this seemed to appease the counselor to which the counselor sympathetically replied, "I'm sorry to hear that and was this person who abused you a relative or an acquaintance?". Rodney replied, "No, I did it to myself". The counselor placed down his pad and dismissed himself to the the next room and they could both hear him laughing in the next room. And that is how Rodney Dangerfield's brand of "I get no respect" humor got started.