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I have been here well over 10 years and I have answered numerous questions with extensive answers and have seen other Catholics do the same only to have them easily dismissed. It gets old after a while.

What does your questions have to do anyway with the bread and wine being the body and blood of Christ? Is your argument that because there is no altar therefore they have to be symbolic?
If you could properly read and understand, the questions - four of them actually- were in response to unsubstantiated assertions on your part regarding non-Roman Catholics on Mary and the Mass.

Stella 1000 answered. You just continue to divert, even though the questions were simple. I even explained why the questions were important. Transubstantiation was never mentioned. Answer the questions and there will be a basis to move forward.


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The Rcc doesn't speak about Jesus, it speaks of mary, the church, saints and dead people. Since I first began posting on carm, this is all I've heard from rc's themselves on here. There is just too much teachings, actions, words and dogma of the Rcc that we will never find common ground with.
Just because you said a little ounce of truth, doesn't mean it will cause us to perk up our ears, and swallow anything the Rcc throws out there.
AMEN * * * * A new day!!!

✨ "To the law and to the testimony; if they speak not according to this word surely there is no light for them." Isa. 8: 20 ✨


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The Church is the body of Christ.
no, the rcc is not the body of Christ.

How is one saved outside the body of Christ?
those outside of the body of Christ, are those who are lost, don't have Christ as Lord and Savior. they are the ones who do need to be saved.

those who are saved don't need to be saved, they are already saved - they are His, His body and His church.


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The Church is the body of Christ.
How is one saved outside the body of Christ?
Your institution has failed every scriptural test therefore it is NOT the body of Christ and never has been. You can post it all you like but its bad fruit throughout the centuries proves it is not His body at all. It is Jesus who saves. A person could know Jesus and follow Him all their lives and never go to a church (for whatever reason) and they are still part of His body. It is their fruit that will reveal the truth, as your institutions fruit as revealed the truth about it.

Your leaders have approved of inquisitions, murders, wars, forced conversion, destroying others of faith and their records, its leaders are known for orgies, incest, sexually abusing children, raping nuns, having sex outside marriage, some homosexuals as well. Let me see are these the fruits of the good tree. NO. Then there are those who knew and did not expose the sin, they became part of the sin. On top of this it makes false claims, teaches false doctrines and tells lies. It lies about its history, it lied to the laity telling them their children were safe, it lied about the victims, it lied to authorities. There is only one source for lies and liars cannot be trusted.

Jesus would never establish such a bad tree.