Am I the only one here>


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Years ago, Yahoo had their discussion groups. I was a member of two:
One was just called The Warfield list.
The other was something about the OPC (Orthodox Presbyterian Church.)

I was on CARM a long time ago. But after missing for 5 days and coming back, I realized that I wasn't missed at all. Quit posting (2010) and saved myself hours a day to just read or do something else.

Now I will be 78 in a week or so and just got a little bored found out CARM is still here.

Anyhow I was a member of an OPC Church in Denver. Leonard Coppes was the pastor. Maybe some of you might have heard of him. He wrote a few books and did some articles in some Dictionaries on OT stuff.

I'm single, never married. Not homosexual or any other "trans" junk, just kind of a recluse. Anyhow when my parents moved east to get to a lower elevation and less snow, after 15 years they got sick and guess who had to move out there to take care of them?

This is a little town of less than a thousand people. The choice of Churches was a PCUSA that had a few women in it who had never even heard of the Westminster Confession. A Lutheran Church, a Methodist Church, a Baptist Church or a Christian Church (a non-denominational Church that is part of the Restoration movement denomination.)

Anyhow, from visiting the people out here the years I just visited on vacations, I got to know those in the Christian Church, so after I moved here I joined them. They are politically conservative so that helps a lot. Oh yeah, my parents both died and I inherited their house.

I can't see driving a 100 mile round trip just to go to a Reformed or Presbyterian Church, especially now with gas getting to 5 bucks a gallon.

These guys are basically Pelagian. I don't think they believe that Adam's fall effected us, that all children are innocent until they get to some magic age that makes them accountable. One senior 80 something lady in the Church who has "read the Bible every day of her life" seemed to think that heathens who never heard the gospel will simply be judged by "living up to what light they have." But of course Paul says that nobody lives up to any light they have.

Anyhnow, I will guit for now.