Apologetics vs One's Integrity


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I am guessing by propagating souls you understand I see them as more important than the body?

If so, yes, His souls as more important than the temporal body each of us has at the moment.

If that is what you mean, yes.

No .......

Stop fishing start a new thread .....

If you do want to do it I will ......



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I am fully aware of the answer I'm "supposed" to give, but in all honesty, I don't recall every felt any of those ideas.
I am not sure what answers I am supposed to give to the OP.

In general, I haven't felt mad at God, felt His actions, were insane, etc.

There have certainly been times when I wished God would take certain blessed, merciful actions. Other times I felt like I wanted God's presence or felt sadness and wanted God to fill it with goodness. It would be nice, it felt, to talk with God one on one like in story of Enoch in Genesis.

I did not really get stuck in a rut of blaming God for things, maybe because in the worse times, the world felt like a wild scary place, rather than like God's dungeon. That is, I didn't assign Him direct responsibility for the problems.