Archaeologists find 5,000-year-old boat-shaped mound in Turkey

You being the it whatever you us how it was faked.
This will be hilarious...and provide references to your research. Unlike you, I will even click on the links and keep my mind open and inquiring. Truth is more important to me than being right all the time, but you make the latter too easy.
What does using a 3D printer prove? Or are you suggesting such things existed in the 1300s?
Are you suggesting that photo-negatives were EVER made in the fourteenth century with enough detail to produce a 3D image of a Jew who had been crucified by the Romans? Are you suggesting that forgers in the fourteenth century could produce blood stains on TWO pieces of linen with the same blood type on opposite ends of Europe, each exhibiting the same trauma-produced serum that is ONLY visible under ultra-violet light? Let alone in the first century for that matters, when this image was made, as the proof now has it?

This only proves that your contention that the image DOES NOT contain the data necessary is entirely fabricated and that you have no purpose in your4 argument but to argue against irrefutable facts.
Which is actually evidence for a worldwide flood. Other cultures from around the world have parallel stories. "Accidental parallels" are a strong indication of a common history.
There is no evidence you have any source to make your claim...and there is much evidence here that you have done no research on your own.
No, it is evidence for floods. Multiple distinct local floods. Cultures with flood myths are either those in river valleys or those who have had connections with them and incorporated their myths. Gaps in the history of one civilization affected by flood is covered by the histories of other civilizations that existed at the same time. There is no record of a worldwide flood.

The evidence of Joseph and his incredible storage works is making new headlines yearly. The evidence of the crossing of the Red Sea, with hundreds of chariots' wheels/spokes and hubs is now gaining acceptance. Not only have the chariots been found, but human remains and those of horses as well.
Where is this evidence? Where are these chariots and bones? The marine environment in the red sea is not conducive to the preservation of any of these artefacts and certainly not from the time period claimed.

You are out of touch. Jericho was just in the news.
For what reason? Jericho is one city. The supposed Hebrew influx reported in the Bible has scores of cities overthrown by a foreign civilization in a systematic military campaign. There is no evidence for this.

Have you examined the evidence? or have you been steered away from the evidence by the popular mind control press: cBSCNNBCFakesNews etal.

Yep...exactly. The other likely possibility is because they are under strict orders from the anonymous President Handlers not to publish anything that would damage their thrall...and expose them.
Yeah. When things don't go peoples way, there's always some secret cabal pulling the strings. I'm sure there's plenty of dirt on both sides of the house.
I'm not American so my opinion will have no bearing on which idiot is in the Whitehouse.

Although...a photographic negative image made from hyper-aging only the topmost fibrils of a linen shroud in a way that modern technology cannot reproduce, made days after blood stains with blood serum due to trauma (that can only be seen in ultra violet light) saturated linen fabric might suggest supernatural causes.
No it suggest unknown causes. Yes it is a photographic type negative image. The image is flat, not what one would expect from a cloth wrapping a body. The supposed blood appears to be added later. If it were the real thing one would assume Christ was already dead and thus wouldn't bleed.

Evidence of his existence is the first essential step, in fact the sine qua non, to determining the credibility of the claim. Evidence that he lied about his claims in writing the Quran, and evidence of historic inaccuracies contained therein preclude any claims beyond.
No. Why would that even matter?
Evidence of Christs existence would also be the first essential step for Biblical claims. What evidence is there of Mohammed's lies?
Do the historical inaccuracies of the Bible preclude any claims beyond?

Does the evidence of ribs and rigging, rivets and hardware, in what you call a "geological formation" lead you to suspect that your claim is desperate rationalization...and make you wonder what you are afraid of?
There is no evidence of ribs, rigging and rivets. Metal rivets would be totally anachronistic.

Proof? Evidence...Explain the sea shells at the top of Mt. Everest.
You should try studying geology. Everest is the product of the Collison of two tectonic plates. Those rock that are now at the top of the world were once at the bottom of the ocean.

Since the photo negative image is clearly of a crucified Jewish man, dated to the first century, showing strobe light flashes of energy sufficient to age only the top most fibrils of the fabric, showing six hundred plus scourging wounds and a crown of thorns, which blood (AB+ male) trauma is evidenced by the serum produced...and which serum, as I just said above, can only be seen in ultra violet light, the shroud cannot be disproven with any technology we have today. And it cannot be reproduced using modern technology. NO ONE could have forged it,.

But rejection of the claims before the facts are examined demonstrate a woeful reluctance to accept history when your concept of "facts" is proven to be pure superstition.
I suspect you are not up to date on the latest findings.
Your acceptance of claims before the facts are fully examined demonstrate a woeful level of credulity. You seem to accept anything that supports you beliefs without question, the so called serum evidence being one case in point.