Arminian Dad's Commands.

Prudence's dad was a very strict Arminian Christian. The get-it-right-or-else kind of guy, and he strictly forbade Prudence to date anyone who was a Calvinist, but as luck would have it she met and fell in love with a Reformed Christian named John. Prudence's dad was beyond furious and told her in no uncertain terms she was forbidden to ever see him again, or else!

Prudence was crushed and didn't know what to do. Meanwhile, John was very curious as to why she had stopped answering his calls and texts. Frustrated, he decided to go to her apartment and find out. When he knocked and she opened the door her face went white as a sheet, quick get inside before anyone sees us," she hissed, jerking him into the apartment and slamming the door.

They sat in the living room and she explained to him about her father's edict and his temper. She told him that she was telling him that she didn't know what to do when suddenly heavy footsteps were heard coming up the stairs outside her door.

Oh, no she gasped, It's my dad. She covered her face and shook. The pounding on the door grew louder and louder until it splintered and in walked her dad with a beet-red face. "I know he is here!" He shouted. Where is he? Prudence was surprised to see that John had disappeared.

"I don't know, daddy," she replied truthfully. The big man ransacked the apartment searching high and low while breathing threats and curses against John. Finally ending up in the kitchen. Prudance stood trembling in the living room.

Suddenly a rage like never before came over him. He lifted up the refrigerator and threw it against the wall only it broke through the wall flew across the living room and crashed out the front window where it fell to the street below and killed a man who was walking there. Prudence had ducked so hard that she hit her head on the coffee table and was in a coma for 4 hours and then passed away at the hospital.

The dad was arrested and charged with manslaughter.

At the gates of heaven there stood three people waiting to get in. St. peter looked at his clipboard and then at the first in line. "Young lady, how did you die?

"Oh St. Peter, I was standing in my living room minding my own business when a refrigerator came flying theory the wall and I ducked and struck my head."

"Hmmm," he said, And you sir?" He looked at the man standing behind her.

"Oh, I was walking down the street when this refrigerator came flying out of the sky and hit me."

"Oooookaaay," "And what about you young man?" St. Peter waved toward the last man in line.

" Well, St Peter, it was like this, I was minding my own business just sitting inside a refrigerator..."