Aussiestan, edit and KiwiStan are newist fascist states. Toxxine

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New report from the wickedness in Australia. Our local Marxistas will insult me or Fox or Tucker Carlson for showing evil.

Western Australia is not in lockdown.

"New World Order" she says. Assault by the police.

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Pure insanity in Australia right now:


Approximately two hours after this Tucker Carlson segment aired, the Premier of Victoria (Melbourne), Daniel Andrews, informed all citizens of the state they must take a vaccine by October 15th if they want to work, and anybody who attempts to protest that demand will be immediately arrested by police.

Victoria had near zero cases until August. 7 cases. Next day 82 cases. Saturday, It is still Friday here. 1,488 cases. I knew 30 years ago why we wear masks. The mask rituals and lockdown stop people and not pathogens.


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Hey, your country seeing an uptick in covid cases lately? Just wondering.
Well, we've got the delta variant in the North / Central North Island. Currently we have 39 new cases. this particular variant is a right bugger to get rid of.

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…] All Commonwealth employees as well as people who work in connection with court proceedings will be exempt with a government spokesperson saying the relaxation is an attempt to avoid “jurisdictional limitations”. The change will apply to judges, lawyers, security guards and police officers.

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uling class has earned exemptions.