Being Questioned


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Last night I had several dreams. Additionally, I became aware of the following. This is where pasts statements I have made online are being used against me. Also, it seemed like I was being questioned. I was asked for example if I believe in violence against homosexuals, obviously, my answer is no. I have never advocated violence against anybody. I also remember seeing Rep. Pramila Jayapal talking behind a podium on a stage and she seemed to be also involved in this. Also, there was something where twins complained about the pay they received.

To say I am being targeted is an understatement. I remember in the past trying to sell items on Amazon for example and people kept on interfering with my inventory, where items were always missing for some reason. I remember another incident where I posted images with quotes on Pinterest that were apparently getting popular, and when I was on the computer I saw where all my images were deleted one after the other. Somebody deleted my posts. I used to post videos on YouTube that did not break the rules and a lot of times when I uploaded a video somebody reported it and it kept on being removed.
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