Believing In An Actual Jesus

Gary Mac

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I suppose there will always be a number of folk insisting Luke 17:20-21 annuls
everything predicted in the Old Testament and the New related to Christ's return;
just as there will always be folk insisting Hosea 6:6 repeals the entire God-given
book of Leviticus.
God always has come to man and made His residence in them starting with Adam, he was the first to become like God to know this difference, Gen 3:22, Abraham received Him, Moses received Him, Mary received Him, Jesus received Him Matt 3:16, 120 received Him and so do all today who has.

Our Lord's God

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1Cor 9:1 . . Have I not seen Jesus our Lord?

2Tim 1:12 . . I know whom I have believed

Paul could honestly say those things because he experienced a close encounter with
a real Jesus. (Acts 9:3-6, 22:6-10, and 26:12-18)

Well, to be honest about it;
I have never once experienced a close encounter with
a real Jesus like Paul did
. So I cannot attest, beyond a shadow of sensible doubt,
that the Jesus I believe in is authentic.

Then you need to. Eternal life is to know the only true God, the Father, and Jesus Christ whom the Father sent. You can't know the former without knowing the latter since Jesus is the way to the Father.