Biblical Hermeneutics

Roger Thornhill

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No. One should rather take several factors into account at the same time.

I don't keep a mental list but here is what comes to mind.

At Isaiah 44:6, WHOSE redeemer according to the grammar?

I was looking for an example of something that was truly ungrammatical, not ambiguous.

My OP does not comment on ambiguity.


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The most objective tool for Biblical Hermeneutics is grammar. Within this large category exists some very basic axioms that are agreed upon by most everyone.

These should form the foundation of the biblical exegesis of any text.

Arguments based on these axioms must be challenged by other axioms. Here are some things that should not be considered effective against axioms.

One's view of the “context.”
Mere statistics.
Metaphorical interpretations.

My two cents.

Context one of the most important factors!