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Please, since to you it is all 'symbolic', tell what "you think" it symbolizes. Because symbols perforce refer to something. They are not mental abstractions.

I've stated these descriptions of New Eden's dimensions are quite specific because they refer to a literal reality (new Eden in the other world). God does not give us vague mental abstractions. NOW is not synonymous with 'here'. I never said His Heaven belongs to Satan. I said 'this earth' is ruled by the prince of the air. This earth is not His Heaven.

Thanks for all the references but as you know that I have said before, when His Creation is referred to, this current earth is not meant.
I did NOT say it was ALL symbolic. And I just gave you what it symbolic about measuring Jerusalem. And why. Sure, the church is a reality--but is a real city going to come down out of the heavens and plop down on a new earth?

I never wrote that YOU said HIS heaven belongs to Satan. Where did I write that?

Much of Revelation IS symbolic. I never said they are mental abstractions. They most definitely refer to something. But IF you want to believe Revelation is mostly all literal, ,then I guess the following must be literal:

1. Satan is a literal dragon
2. Satan is in a literal pit in the ground
3. Satan is bound by literal chains.
4. Only 144,00 male virgins will be saved, and only descendants from the Israelite tribes.
5. The new Jerusalem is an actual city of buildings floating down from heaven and plopping down on the new earth.

You cannot possibly dismiss the verses I quoted as referring to Edenic earth before the fall when the tense is clearly present tense, in both the Hebrew AND Greek, when Paul quotes the first verse, in 1 Corinthians. You need to deal with what the verses ACTUALLY SAY, rather than what you wish they said. You need to stop projecting your own beliefs onto the verses and let them speak for themselves.
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